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Religion is antibiotic

I came up with this last night right before bed. I think it sums up the problem with religion perfectly.

'anti' means opposed or against.

'biotic' is from the Greek word 'biotikos' which means "fit for life."

Religion is opposed to being fit for life.

It is opposed to a real understanding of the world and the universe which allow science and technology.

It is opposed to doing the right things for life to proceed because it is so focused on…


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Call for Resignation of Richard Floyd for calling for violence against the transgendered.

Hi, State Rep. Richard Floyd threatened to "stomp a mudhole" into any transgender woman who uses a public restroom in Tennessee. "Stomp a mudhole," according to Urban Dictionary, means "To tear someone a new ass, to beat them to near death or to otherwise hurt someone to the point that they can not fight back." We cannot tolerate such hate! That's why I signed a petition to The Tennessee State House, The Tennessee State Senate, and Governor Bill Haslam, which says: "State Rep. Richard Floyd…


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Religious laws being encoded in Tennessee

We have to find another place to live. Tennessee is getting more and more like a religious theocracy run by bigotted morons.

We have the don't say gay law which would make it impossible to discuss anything about homosexuality in school.

A couple of weeks ago we had the potty police bill which was supposed to limit people to the bathroom of the gender they were born in.

Last year we had bills proposed to the state congress which would exempt…


Added by Dee Neely on January 27, 2012 at 1:30pm — 6 Comments

Neosocialism - My New Philosophy.

I have started a blog on Wordpress where I can start working on and promoting Neosocialism. The goal of Neosocialism is to develop a philosophy which combines atheism, socialism, information freedom with scientific and technological progress. The goal is to develop and implement a new vision for the future of humanity in space.

The current economic, social and government systems are inappropriate for a life in space and for the future. If we all them to proceed then humanity is doomed…


Added by Dee Neely on January 19, 2012 at 10:23am — 14 Comments

Exasperated With Defense of Atheism.

I am getting so tired of trying to counter the immense amount of anti-atheism where I live. No matter who well you explain and no matter how well your argument is reasoned the result is always the same.

There is an article in my local paper called - Community guest columnist Tim Lee: Imagining no God means playing God:

For example, I have had to…


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