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Hello fellow Atheist. As you may already know due to my previous blogs...I am very down and out. I am now homeless sleeping in an abandon house. Its very tough for me just to keep warm at night as well as worrying about the police arresting me just because I'm trying to get some shelter. I have had some of you great ATHEIST to give to me and is always checking up on my condition. The only way I am even able to write this blog is because for some miracle my phone isn't off yet. I really…


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Some Goodness Never Prospers

Hello to all my new Atheist friends that I have made. I really appreciate all the advice that I have gotten from you. Unfortunately   I am HOMELESS once again. I'm in a shelter for now but am only allowed to stay here for 3 days. Everyone here has to leave by 7am and be back by 4pm to get a cot. I think I will try to find an abandon house or something tomorrow. My phone is still on and is the reason I can log onto this site. I would ask for prayers...lol but this is the wrong…


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Down And Out

My name is Leonard Francis and I'm new to all of this ATHEIST stuff and I have some problems. I would like to get advice from as many people as I can. First off I have to share that I'm SUPER SUICIDAL. I suffer with a huge depression problem that I'm getting treated for but nothing seems to work. Anyway...I'm a black man from the south and if you didn't know, black people from the south take GOD very seriously. They pray about any and everything. From paying bills,how to feel,what to…


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