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Thanks on recieving the Monty Miller

Yesterday I received the official announcement that I was the winner of the Inaugural Monty Miller Award presented to me by Atheist Nexus I must say that I am somewhat humbled by the experience. I didn’t set out to win any awards with my blogging (some readers may even raise an eyebrow, having had my inconsistent editing thrust at them), how many bloggers really do? It is, however, a… Continue

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Mercy Ministries ministires engaged in misleading conduct, directors forced to pay


The ACCC (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has released its findings on Mercy Ministries and Mercy Ministries Executives have admitted that have engaged in false and misleading conduct. I can understand now why Pastor Bryan Huston could not back on the door fast enough, if he got wind of this early. Hillsong overcame revelations of Pastor Frank Houston’s sexual abuse of young men and boys, but financial misconduct…


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Hillsong on the run from Australian regulator

As I stated in this post, a reader informed me that they were aware of an earlier press release. Here is that original press release:



Hillsong Church severs ties with Mercy Ministries

Hillsong Church has cut ties with Mercy…


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Hillsong distancing itself from Mercy Ministries

One of my readers suggested I take a gander at the media release form Hillsong on Mercy Ministries, it is interesting to note that this release was apparently amended from earlier in the day -the previous release was apparently harsher. I have inserted my comments below:

27 October 2009

I want to inform you of issues that have become increasingly clear in recent…


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Mercy Ministries Australia Closes

This text was posted on the Mercy Ministries Australia site yesterday:

It is with deep regret and sadness we have to inform you that Mercy Ministries in Australia is no longer in operation. Due to internal circumstances and challenges, Mercy Ministries Incorporated will be dissolved as an entity. We have encountered extreme financial challenges and a steady drop in our support base to the point where we are no longer financially viable. Mercy Ministries has been proud to serve the… Continue

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Nutty Nalliah to Exorcise Canberra's Demons

Former Family First candidate and loose canon Christian – Danny Nalliah has decided that Canberra needs cleansing from the Forces of Darkness.

Mr Nalliah received a certain amount of infamy, public scorn and ridicule when he claimed that he had received a vision of the Victorian Bushfires and that they were the result of God’s wrath on a sinful populace(see previous post…


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Gold Passes Sell out at Global Atheist Convention

David Nicholls of the Atheist Foundation of Australia reports:

We are very excited to announce that Gold Weekend Passes for the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne on 12-14 March 2010 have now sold out!

Ticket Sales opened a little over 10 days ago. This is astounding news and some indication of the interest this conference has stirred up without broad…


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Christian Privilege in Australia, as demonstrated by our Prime Minister

When a wacky fundamentalist Islamic Cleric Samir Abu… Continue

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Atheist signs to go on Tasmanian buses!

From the Atheist Foundation of Australia:

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc and Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd have today (4 August 09) reached agreement in conciliation before the office of the

Anti-Discrimination Commissioner that the advertisements setting out “Atheism – Celebrate reason!” may be seen on Metro buses in Tasmania in 2010

The negotiations and terms of the…


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South Australian policeman stood down for exorcism

You would think this sort of thing only happens in Africa or, at a stretch in some backwoods bible belt county in the United States. But no, it has happened in South Australia, in an area I might be moving to. According to the Sydney Morning Herald:…


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Nancy labels Mercy Ministries cleanout as pruning


After the Mercy Ministries scandal broke in Australia in March of last year:

  • a Mercy home in north Queensland was closed ( due to resourcing issues - funny, seeing the trend for Mercy is expansion)
  • Peter Irvine, Mercy Australia's director stepped down,
  • and a short term director Mark Caldwell stepped up only to depart soon after.
But this is how Nancy… Continue

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Stop the Australian Vaccination Network

Random Reader: What?... What ? Stop the Australian Vaccination Network?

Have you gone mad Sean? Why on earth would you want to stop an organisation that promotes Vaccination?

Sean: It doesn't

Reader: Ke ?

Sean: It's against… Continue

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Counselling for Mentally Ill Evangelicals

Yellow flowers of Gazania rigens
Image via Wikipedia
John… Continue

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Pope Benedict gives GodTube the Finger

benedictsays3 Well it seems that his arse-Holiness is teaming up with Google to produce his own channel via YouTube. Reuters had this to say:

The Vatican will soon have its own channel on the video sharing site YouTube where the Catholic faithful or the curious will be able to see Pope Benedict or…

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No moral crusade against Mercy Ministries

The Daffodil, Japan's floral emblem of January
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You know I find it irritating that moral crusader's can get all upset and… Continue

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Australia Secular?

I often like to think that Australia is for the most part a secular country that is open, multicultural and accepting of different views, religions, lack of religion. Out of all the places on the face of the planet that I would expect us to be be able to display atheist ads it would be here.
For Christ's sake even the Italian's have been able to put a slogan on the side of a…

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The Argument from Woody Allen

Close up of Allen's statue in Oviedo (Asturias...
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Narelle Jarrett, Archdeacon for Women’s… Continue

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Atheist Foundation of Australia launches new forum

afaforum The Atheist Foundation of Australia has launched a new forum. The forum is intended to be a place for Australian (though they don't knock back internationals) Atheists to meet,… Continue

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Exorcism used on Eating Disorders

Black Swan on the Swan River, Perth Western Au...
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It's heartening… Continue

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Creationists come out of the woodwork

Regular readers may remember the post Sean’s Christmas Message. I remarked in the comments that it had garnered no response. Well it appears they may have just been a little slow(in every sense of the word). Here is the first response:

It is interesting to note how the… Continue

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