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The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

I've always been bothered by why god would have placed a tree in the garden of eden that bore fruit that would cause those who consumed that fruit to have knowledge of good and evil. And then he was so self-righteously angry that they ate the fruit. What did he have in mind? Why would he do such a thing except to set Adam and Eve up for the "fall from grace" that was used to explain all the horrible things that god has supposedly been punishing humankind with ever since. What a perverse trick… Continue

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Looking Sexy

A co-worker and I were examining a picture of some extreme and very expensive high heeled shoes that were quite obviously extremely dangerous to wear as well as insanely uncomfortable. I commented on how bizarre they were and my younger friend said that they were supposed to make you look sexy.

"Look sexy," I said, "Don't you mean they're supposed to make you look fuckable??

First she looked at me with a slightly stunned expression, which I initially thought was from me… Continue

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Not Just Another Missing Link!!

Hot off the press... Don't you just love archeology??

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Responsible Party

I was thinking about how so many of the things that athiests/agnostics/skeptics are called seem to have a negative spin in people's minds. For example the label "Brights" instantly makes the people who just couldn't get an A+ average or even an A average feel like tearing things apart with their teeth. Something that doesn't have an arrogant or perjorative ring to it is needed... but what?

And I was also thinking... Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party... hmmm. How about… Continue

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A little theory

I've been thinking about the fact that we have two halves to our brains. According to what I've heard, one side of our brain controls our speaking, while the other side is voiceless. I've always suspected that intuition comes from the voiceless side. I think that the voiceless side is always watching everything closely, observing everything that is going on around us, and… Continue

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I could learn to love mice!

This link is to an article about the lowly sandhills mouse, and how it is coming to be recognized as clear evidence of evolution happening within a quantifiable timeframe of only a few thousand years.

I grew up in ranch country with one foot figuratively in the sandhills, and did occasionally come across one of these mice in a pasture, though the normal dark gray mice were much more common around our… Continue

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My Seal

I created my seal at

The Latin motto is "Ex Scientia Veritas, Ex Veritas Pax" or "From Knowledge Truth, From Truth Peace."

I intended for it to speak about the tremendous inner peace I've found from discarding superstition. I also think it speaks to the possibility of peace among all mankind if superstition could only be discarded and truth embraced as the common need of all humanity.

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