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Atheist Film Festival in San Fransico, CA

Anybody who has a short atheist-friendly film or video and would like to submit it for the Atheist Film Festival can submit there work at the main site or go through their Facebook page.

Check out their… Continue

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Podcasts I am currently listening to:

The Non-Prophets

Atheist Experience

Point of Inquiry


All of these podcasts are available on iTunes. I enjoy the Atheist Experience podcast the most as it includes live callers. The Non-Prophets has most of the same people from… Continue

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Post- American Atheists Convention 2009

One of the things that Dawkins spoke about at the convention (for those who weren't able to go) was the interview he had with Ben Stein and how he took what he said to falsely prove his point and hold it against him. A very small part of the interview appeared on Glenn Beck. Whether or not Glenn Beck knew about the true contents of the interview, Glenn Beck was still critical of atheists on his show and pretty much made fun of Dawkins.

My dad is a very avid listener of Glenn Beck and… Continue

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American Atheist Convention 2009 - Atlanta

Unfortunately there wasn't free internet access in Emory Hotel so I couldn't make any updates while I was at the Emory Hotel. So here it goes!

Day 1 (Friday):

We (my dad, my sister Vanessa, and myself) left super early that morning. I had a hard time getting to sleep that night because I was so excited so I was pretty tired when I got up at 7am (doesn't help that I went to bed around 3am either). When we got to the convention center at the Emory Hotel I thought it was very… Continue

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In Augusta now...Atlanta in the morning!

The drive to Augusta started smoothly until we (me and my sister) hit an hour long traffic jam involving a smashed up semi-truck and other vehical that wasn't even recognizable considering it's doors and other car parts were flung all across the highway. I really hope no one was hurt.

After we made it past the accident it was smooth sailing from there. FIRST LONG DISTANCE TRIP ON MY OWN COMPLETED! YAY! I'm very proud of myself but I also gotta thank my GPS. I very much enjoyed… Continue

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Convention soon!

I just got my Out Campaign pins from the Richard Dawkins site:

I ended up getting the package while my parents were at my dorm. When I opened them I had said the pins were for the American Atheist National Convention so my dad was wondering where his pin was (he thought it was the pass to get in) but I told him I didn't get him one… Continue

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