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Chambersburg PAN Meetings

I'm going to be running the Chambersburg area PA Nonbelievers meeting.
It will be at 7pm on the third Monday of every month. If you are
interested in attending, please contact us here:

Thanks! Our next meeting will be on February 15th.

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Slightly Disappointed...

reposted (and mildly edited) from facebook:

A few weeks ago, I went to the American Atheists 2009 conference, and for the most part, had a great time. Melisa and I got to meet a lot of great people, and talk, and heard some great speakers.

One experience, however, has stuck in my mind since the conference, and I thought I'd share about it. I'm pretty much a left-wing liberal secular humanist atheist, while my wife is a dyed in the wool right wing Ayn Rand objectivist… Continue

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From a facebook conversation with someone who used to work for us - The video link below was posted on his facebook page. His name has been altered to protect the guilty (From total public ridicule).

Theory spreads that virus was deliberatley engineered.


You like this.

Brian Fields at 2:48pm May 2

Hilarious... :)

******** at 4:41pm May 2

not really :|

Brian… Continue

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New Information vs. Old Information (Originally posted by me on Facebook)

One thing I hear frequently from Christians is the idea they have that God wants (Insert thingy here). Usually people come up with this after praying, or say that God speaks to them in a quiet voice. I wanted to write a note to suggest to those people that they should perhaps consider that the voice comes from another source.

My daughter once suggested to me that perhaps this is our dreaming world, and that when we dream, that is reality. I've heard this to suggest things like astral… Continue

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