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Jesus 4 Less movie article

Here is the link to the article on City Arts Magazine about our film.


Added by Riggs on July 3, 2010 at 4:08pm — 3 Comments

Help me make an atheist movie.

Your part in the making of a Tacoma movie

Dear Friends and Family,

On February 20th of this year I started writing a screenplay. I assigned myself as director, and asked my friend Sarah Mangum to help out in the production of filming the screen play. We formed Aroma…


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God's Last Will and Testament

Judeo-Christians use the phrase “God's Will”. They'll use it to explain why bad things happen to good people. They use it to explain weird and illogical rules in the Bible.

Christians will say God's will is clear. “It clearly states in the Bible, fag's shouldn't marry”. To get the full effect of the last quote read it again this time with a judgmental know-everything southern accent. “It clearly states in the Bible, fag's shouldn't marry”. Now you should look at your cousin… Continue

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Filled with the holy spirit.

It was a miracle. There I sat, constipated and praying for the good lord to relieve me of the brown demon lodged deep in my colon.

I prayed and I pushed, I pushed and I prayed some more. Then, finally, with a force I thought might rip my pernium, it emerged like a newborn into a watery, porcelain world. A world where I planned to exact swift revenge on the assaulter of my anus by flushing it into an eternal abyss of excrement and mutant teen turtles.

When I looked back in… Continue

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First Christmas with the new family

I was thinking about my first Christmas with my ex wife's family. It was awkward as family gatherings tend to be. My new in-laws love the Christmas holiday season. They love everything about it. The lights, the songs, the pomp and circumstance.

I did my best to fit in and be jolly. Jolly by the is something I'm not good at. It's not that I'm not happy. It's just that I'm not overly expressive with my joy. It was a little off putting to the new "fam" I guess because it caused a tiff… Continue

Added by Riggs on March 17, 2009 at 7:55pm — 3 Comments

Quit trying to make Jesus and religion cool.

I saw a window sticker today that read "Piercing saved my life". It showed a drawing of Jesus' hand getting nailed to the cross. At first I laughed. It was the kind of laugh you have when you see an elderly person fall, but then you soon realize that they broke his/ her hip and may die from their injuries. Then you feel bad for having pushed them because you didn't have a banana peel for them to slip on naturally. The way god intended for old people to slip, fall, fracture large bones and… Continue

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