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How dangerous is it to ask the government for psychological help?  Atheist see the government as a place that is presently over run with religious dogma and having lack of real evidence based thinkers.  At least if there is any they seem to be in the minority.  The debate over guns in America begs the question, "What will Americas position be on help for the people who are in need for psychological help"?  Will there be enough knowledge about psychology to trickle out of the corners of…


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The Invisable Truth!

NBC and David Gregory debate what will reduce the carnage in America and violates a D.C. law prohibiting the possession of a high capacity magazine.  The athorities decided it was not in the best interest of the public to prosecute NBC or David Gregory on this violation.  The public is left with the baggage of psychological questions on social freedoms.

While the media debate the popular topic, public schools are not more protected nor advised on how to protect themselves. …


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Washington State

Are you in support of legal marijuana in the state of Washington.  It sounds like Washington D.C. will challenge the legitimacy of the new state law to legalize it.  Do you think the new state law will prevail or will the prudish religion of the right wing smash it?

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Atheist Socials

In your oppinion what was your best experience in meeting new atheist?

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Farming anyone?

     I know everyone is different and have skills that could be compared and associated as equal importance but I have a question, "Should there be more atheist farmers?"  My question has a lot to do with how we all are connected to the earth and should have a frequent experience to how we nutrient our bodies for life.  Im not saying we should quit our day jobs for becoming full time farmers.  Somehow I believe there is some relevance to our social and personal psychological health to create…


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It's Too Crowded in Here!

I know news reporters forfill an important role in investigating issues into matters that we don't always have access too but sometimes it goes too far.  This morning Ashleigh Banfield showed the story about Jesse Jackson's health issues on CNN Early Start :…


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Am I Frankenstien or what?

I know I am not the only one who has thought of this, in fact I have pondered it before but with no real revelation.  This morning is a little different though.  Let me be clear, tho I am against teaching any religion period the hypocrit in me gives me thrills to think of it.  On the other hand, the part of me can see real intelligence of the affect of my thought.  So here it is, in order to create more atheist thinkers teach that God is a woman. Please laugh…


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Romney on Education

Today Romney made the arguement that classroom size does not matter.  I am very interested in the average class size his children have sustained during their education.  I believe this is another attack on education by the republicans to dismantle public school education in America.

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Do You See An Angel?

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The Wife

If you have been listening to the news there is more stirring about the wife of the alleged child abuser Sandusky.  People are questioning her innocents to knowledge of abuse by her husband. Of course there is a lot to discover and questions should be asked.  If she had knowledge and did not report it or try to help, was it because of her gross neglegence or was it because she felt powerless?  If she did not know, how could she not know or was she already separate from his life?  Is…


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Will There Be A Coverup?

I have seen nothing on the news about the psychological history of the latest VT shooter.  It makes me wonder if we ever will.  I understand there is a lot of suffering going on and I do respect the privacy of the people who are victims of this horrific tragedy.  I am just wondering what motivated this killing.  My motivation to learn more is to see how this campus is targeted once again.   My suspicion is that the shooter was bullied or felt some kind of injustice.  Was there a violence…


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Against Contact Sports

Yep, that's right, I am against contact sports.  The basic question is, what is sports for? Is sports about teams, friendly competition, health or is it to beat the living crap out of the next person or team?  I prefer the healthier version of teams, and being healthy and friendly.  Ask yourself, what does a parent of a child who plays football in highschool do if they receive a concussion from a head blow while playing a game that intends to be hit hard?  Do they say oh what a tragedy I…


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HR 3027 End Corporal Punishment

Write your Congress today to support ending corporal punishment in public schools.   Read the full text at this web address: 

19 states continue to allow corporal punishment in public schools.

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Voting Booth Unfairness

Did you know I still have to vote at a Church?  Also if I want to vote absentee I must answer why I need to vote absentee.  It should be a law that you cannot ask personal business of why you choose to vote absentee and no one should be forced to vote in a church.  I would like to  know if you can vote absentee with out having to provide a reason.

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Spanking in America

There seems to be more news about spanking.  I recently saw a story about a judge in Texas spanking his daughter and that character Dog the Bounty Hunter's son was caught spanking his son.  This sparked me to look up how many schools still allow corporal punishment today.  It seems to be 19 states still allow corporal punishment.  I say petition Barack Obama to lead an effort to outlaw it nationwide. 

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Cain, 999, 666

Pizza up!  Is this business man going to continue being a mathmatician trying to solve the world problems?  My prediction, he is not going to last long.  I think when he is pressed to speak of policies other than money he will be off beat. For now he is singing the song 999.  How about that Michelle Bachman's comment "the devil is in the details", what a joke! 

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Flash Mob in the Work Place

I am sitting at an inservice at my job and breakfast was prepared for us.  As we were all about to get up to eat one of the employees stands up and asks if we could have Mr. ________ say a prayer before we eat.  She also "excused her feeling of necessaty for the prayer because some people don't like it but she just had to."  So, Mr. __________ asked everybody to bow there heads in prayer.  Everybody did that I could see except for me looking around the room at all the followers and thinking…


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Belief Tanacity

So why do people hold onto fantacy beliefs.  I think it might be quite simple.  Here are my two best reasons.  1. If something else is responsible you yourself are not.  2.  The social bonds (people in the loop) made in the fantasy reasoning must be defended.  I know nothing can be this simple so help me out here.

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Amy Winehouse

I just heard Val Kilmer say on CNN video that a lot of artist are just too sensitive for the world.  He was talking about what he learned through playing characters who are taking drugs to numb the pains of mortality.  I heard Dr. Drew say that people should not ignore the need for counseling and therapy.  What are your thoughts of the loss?

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Norway Shooting

I read this article on the Norway shooting and it shows how planned the perp was.  He definity had beliefs of religion and prejudices of people.  It looks as though you cannot even be secluded on a secluded island.  I don't know how a person or group could sniff out ticking time bombs like this but I know there are a lot that are… Continue

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