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So what are you doing on November 25, 2010?

I am going to my mother's house, hunt turkey and deer, have dinner with about ten other people, drink and watch dvd's. I can't say it will be anything new but I am glad that I will have a few extra days off to relax and play some. I hope all of you will also have a great week.

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How much protection is there for your civil rights.

Here is the enigma I am going through at the moment. There may or may not be civil rights for you. If there is civil rights the government recognizes you deserve protection by the laws of its nation. If there is not laws made for your civil rights where you live then you don't live in a government that offers you protection. Even if there is laws made for your civil rights there are many examples of pain or death inflicted on people because of who you are or what you believe. How much tax money… Continue

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Dome Home

Imagine if you bought a dome home to live in becuase you thought it would be the most efficient way for you to afford a home that would last a long time and use the least amount of energy. Now imagine what the neighbors would say in this republican country of ours. Even more practical in thought would you be able to have a resale value if you needed to sell it? Once you start changing the design to fit the more traditional look you have just defeated your purpose of low cost. So is the dome… Continue

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Voting Poles Held at Church Locations

So today I voted but I have to go through a church to do it. Don't you think we deserve a place that is secular to vote at?

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