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The Wife

If you have been listening to the news there is more stirring about the wife of the alleged child abuser Sandusky.  People are questioning her innocents to knowledge of abuse by her husband. Of course there is a lot to discover and questions should be asked.  If she had knowledge and did not report it or try to help, was it because of her gross neglegence or was it because she felt powerless?  If she did not know, how could she not know or was she already separate from his life?  Is…


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Will There Be A Coverup?

I have seen nothing on the news about the psychological history of the latest VT shooter.  It makes me wonder if we ever will.  I understand there is a lot of suffering going on and I do respect the privacy of the people who are victims of this horrific tragedy.  I am just wondering what motivated this killing.  My motivation to learn more is to see how this campus is targeted once again.   My suspicion is that the shooter was bullied or felt some kind of injustice.  Was there a violence…


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Against Contact Sports

Yep, that's right, I am against contact sports.  The basic question is, what is sports for? Is sports about teams, friendly competition, health or is it to beat the living crap out of the next person or team?  I prefer the healthier version of teams, and being healthy and friendly.  Ask yourself, what does a parent of a child who plays football in highschool do if they receive a concussion from a head blow while playing a game that intends to be hit hard?  Do they say oh what a tragedy I…


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