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Belief and a Bigger Bloody Nose

As a fourth grader I had my nose bloodied by a bully named 'Todd.' During homeroom period a friend of mine, Brian, who was on friendly terms with Todd, playfully teased Todd by poking him in the chest. Playfully. I joined the fun, aiding my buddy by lightly wrapping my arms around Todd so he couldn't raise his own arms in defense. Todd didn't like that. He busted free and popped me in the proboscis. It was more shocking and embarrassing than painful. But it did hurt. And bleed. Why had he… Continue

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Handicapping the Human Mind

Religious teachings are critically flawed as a means of determining what is true. The value of the stories and the intuitions they promote are essentially subjective and thus relative to a person or group, while science has been distilled to universal strength.

Given a problem--say, what is the speed of sound in a vacuum?--anyone with the necessary technology and tools can answer it. Given a well-defined problem, the scientific answers will agree. (In the case of sound in a…


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Obey the Master Above

A god can be many things to many people. One role "he" fills is that of the ultimate master. God the overlord. The alpha of alphas. He's the guy who makes the rules and writes the contract. He specifies what is right, and what is no-way-Jose.

"Servants are not to talk back to their masters. You want to work hard so that your employer will make the money. If the master is wrong, that is his issue. Don't fight back. That's the way to get along with the…


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There's a Snake in that Tree


[Photo of a rat snake in a young, live oak tree. They eat birds, bird eggs, tree rats, squirrels. In our own personal bit 'o paradise, do they represent evil? On that note, a ditty I wrote a few years ago . . . . ]

The Snake on God's Payroll

What is Christianity without original sin? Not Christianity, for there would have been no need for Jesus to be crucified to "pay" for that sin.

What is original sin without a snake to tempt Eve…


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Sunday Sacrilege: Put the Pope on a Bench


For his involvement/complicity in the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandals, the Pope should be sent to his room without dinner. In the least. Maybe he should be made to sit in a corner during mass for an entire month. And be forced to wear a dunce cap all the while. Oh wait . . .

Legal prosecution? Nope. For HE sits on a throne.

I say put the MAN on a bench. Among all the other men of the earth. Treat him as you would all other…


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Biblical Claims and Science

There are many claims in the Bible that can't be supported or refuted by direct evidence. For example, in Genesis 5:23 (New International Version) we learn that,

Altogether, Enoch lived 365 years.

The way I interpret this verse is that "altogether" means the real years Enoch lived plus the bullshit years.

I actually prefer the Amplified Bible translation:

So all the days of Enoch were 365…


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Looking Farther: The Cheesy Face of God

When looking into the cosmo many people see the "face of God." Well, at least the tracks left by their Gawd. Even in the Moon. Oh wait, the above celestial body is not "our" moon. It's a pic of Neptune's moon, Triton. I wonder, is it also made out of cheese?

A cheesy moon -- pretty ridiculous, right? What about a moon made from godstuff? Is that likewise ridiculous? It reminds me of a ditty…


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The Most High It?

Is God a He, a She, an It, or the sensation you get when biting into a York Peppermint Patty?

After much deliberation, two foil-wrapped candies, and the toss of a coin, my vote goes to “he.” If the Bible god is to be gender-ized, thou shalt refer to him as Him. I guess.

“She” did get 2 nominations from me, for the following reasons:

1) I came into this world through my mother. Sure, my father gave his ounce of input, but my mother… Continue

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The Creationist’s Hole

This morning the following image of a creationist came to mind: He/she stands atop a massive pile of sand, shovel in hand. At their feet, at the head of the shovel, is a divot just removed. The creationist claims, See, it’s not a pile, it’s a hole!

More sand has just been dumped atop the ever-growing pile of evidence for evolution.

In Evolution More Rapid Than Darwin Thought I encountered this…


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