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A lot has changed since I was here last at I finally moved out of the Bible Belt. There were a few atheists in central Illinois, but we were up against religious institutions so deeply entrenched in state and local government that putting forward progressive rational public policy is met with vicious, irrational hatred and bigotry. The state would rather have unquestioning loyal sheep that vote on name recognition alone than to have people who question authority and demand…


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Reading book reviews of The God Virus

I still haven't read Dawkins. I'm getting most my information from posts, comments, my personal experiences, and my Communication education. Most of the ideas I come up with fall in line with Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins and others, but I certainly don't mean to plagiarize anyone's work, and I would hate to put a huge effort into a book only to discover that I re-invented the wheel.


I guess I'll just have to start forking over the cash for a whole library of atheist…


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Public Education in the United States of America

It's a crazy conspiracy theory that education is deliberately stifled in the U.S. right? Wrong. First and foremost, I was never taught critical thinking skills in District 186 in Springfield, Illinois. I was never even taught that there was such a think as "critical thinking" until I went to college.

So, what purpose is served by deliberately limiting or suppressing knowlege?

A primary law of economy states that a product's value is inverse to it's available quantity. In… Continue

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Muqtada al-Sadr

As U.S. Troops were reportedly nearing the city's outskirts, Muqtada al-Sadr was preparing several squads for guardianship of the ancient relics of Iraqi history. He sent troops to guard the museum that contained some of the earliest relics or human activity on the face of the planet. He was there to prevent looting. U.S. troops were totally indifferent to the building and its contents. Was it worth it to piss him off? He wasn't there to defend Saddam. He was perceived as a threat and…


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Gender Judgement question

You might think this is a stupid question, and I would like answers for real so please leave comments:

If you knew that you would never be judged against your gender, never be criticized for not being "manly" or "womanly" what do you imagine your life might be like?

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McAfee site advisor being used to attack Atheist Nexus

My McAfee site advisor bar turned yellow when I visited Atheist Nexus. I was not surprised. Groups against atheism typically will take any opportunity to attack using technology rather than participating in a debate they know they will lose.

McAfee site advisor reports that this site presents "potential suspicious behavior." which is another example of "groupspeak" or generalized innuendo as a form of vilification or marginalization.

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Only atheist AM radio host in Springfield, IL FIRED on Friday.

WNNS and WMAY AM 970 in Springfield, Illinois, stations owned by Midwest Family Broadcasting let go three employees from two of it's radio stations. Most significantly, Mark Thoma, who had the afternoon slot from 3 to 6 P.M. on WMAY.

Mark Thoma, author of the website was the only openly atheist radio host in Springfield. He was also one of only two openly liberal radio hosts. Jim Leach has such a long history at the station… Continue

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REAL Public Option Day of Action > Springfield, Illinois

When you click on the link below, it doesn't really mean you already signed up. It just has details about the event. The more the merrier.

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What you don't know won't hurt you: Abstinence Only Education

George didn’t believe in driver’s education, he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

Never mind how he learned to drive, his biggest fear was that his children would get hurt if they learned too much about it in advance, but he knew his children would one day drive a car when they reached the legal age.

Until then, he decided, his children would be allowed nowhere near his car or even see the keys, and especially not one of those rules-of-the-road books, that would… Continue

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Cheesits? I thought someone said Jesus

So I Googled "Cheesus." What a surprise!

This is where it came from.

Very funny!

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Not paying attention?

Have you heard of Tony Blair's Faith Foundation? How about the attempt going on right now to pass legislation legally recognizing "spirituality?" How about the organization that wants to create a "national day of prayer," the religious of specifically Judeo-Christian bent, taking over tax-payer owned spaces for their own ends, a crude version of "King of the Hill?" What should be done? I can't do it myself.

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Unfair Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357

Unfair Trade Commission 1-877-382-4357

American Civil Liberties Union(A.C.L.U.)

File your reports A.S.A.P. to put a stop to this and to make Goggle accountable for their part in this and their misconduct by their own words. Get IPs if at all possible so they to can be reported.

This is a mirrored vid that contains some contact info for… Continue

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Easter Dinner Tradition.

Bloody Marys and Deviled Eggs!

(Of course you can have the rest of the dinner too, I just thought it would be funny to mention Bloody Marys and Deviled Eggs for Easter)

Here's the classic Bloody Mary recipe. Enjoy!

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) vodka (I prefer Tanqueray)

1/2 cup tomato juice (I like V8 or Clamato better)

2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice (I never tried it with lemon, I'm not so sure)

Worcestershire sauce to taste (Yes)

Tabasco to taste… Continue

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Same-Sex Marriage debate on MSNBC's Hardball - right now.

Christopher Hitchens was on earlier, but the debate continues. Hardball will be on again at 11.

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Threat Assessment

I came across the following article at

How to Spot Atheists and Report Them to the FBI

"Unless you're Catholic or have been living in a cave for the last 20 years, you already know that Landover Baptist's Pastor Deacon Fred and Brother Harry Hardwick are the world's foremost Christian experts on the disease, Atheism, and its carriers called, Atheists. Both Pastors…

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U.N. attempting to put a stop to criticizing of religion.

The U.N. is trying to make it a crime to criticize religion, and forcing member states to abide by that law, in violation of our own constitutional freedom of speech.

For more information, go to

Their Myspace page will have an abundance of information. This is getting more serious than just philosophical discussion my friends.

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Gay marriage

Attempts have been made to scientifically articulate sexual preference and physical sexual traits (Masters and Johnson). It is clear that there are degrees of sexual preference and physical traits. The only remaining scientific debate is measuring the subdivisions of the scale in between.

All the symbols, language and rituals involved in marriage are purely subjective exercises. Meaning is in people, not in things. Religion is nothing but a tool that dictates and reinforces… Continue

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Do we need to vilify the messenger?

It appears that some people are starting to get tired of correcting the information over and over again. Everyone is tired of defending the same arguments over and over again.

There is always some new punk who comes into town and says "Draw Mister!" And, we begrudgingly thumb through our old notes and paste them into new blogs.

The problem is the bridge these punks cross over. Where is it? Does it matter? We can do two things. We… Continue

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An encouraging reference

At the Abraham Lincoln Association's Bicentennial Birthday Banquet, I was at table 41. Across from me was seated the Illinois Secretary of State Jessie White, and next to him was Michael Burlingame, author and historian, who would be the backup speaker in case Barack Obama was unable to show up.

He made it!

During his speech he mentioned the fact that Abe Lincoln and Charles Darwin shared the birthday. Some members of the audience gasped! I… Continue

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I'm taking Economics and Accounting this semester. Reading the third chapters in both by now. I learned about GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Are these the same principles that got us all where we are today? Is it worth the effort?

Perhaps it's time to start living off the books.

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