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Mixed marriage needs advice!

Last night I asked Faith (my wife) what her current thoughts are regarding her faith stance. She confessed that she didn't really know, but generally still considers herself a Christian even though she thinks Muslims and Jews and others will get into heaven apart from Jesus. I found this very interesting, as you might guess. I asked her how she could still call herself a christian while denying the exclusivity of Jesus as the way to heaven. She didn't know. After a few more equally puzzling… Continue

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Less Self-Imposed Suffering for Atheists

I posted a note a few days ago about my young brother-in-law who killed him self just this past Saturday. Obviously, emotions are very raw still and I wouldn't dream of saying what I am posting here to any of my family members. My sisters-in-law and their parents are now struggling with exactly where is he NOW? One says he could not possibly be "saved" and so must be in Hell. Another says, he must be being punished by God before he enters Heaven, and others say he must be in Heaven already. How… Continue

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Suicide and Immoral Comfort

My wife's sixteen-year-old brother committed suicide on Saturday night. Apparently, he was upset because his girlfriend wouldn't kiss him and he hated the military school he was in (surely among other things). There is nothing that can prepare you for the horror of such a thing happening to someone really close to you.

Though there is nothing that can prepare you, there are definitely some things which some say in order to offer comfort which makes everything considerably worse! At the top… Continue

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Just finished "The Secular Conscience" by Austin Dacey

I just finished reading Austin Dacey's The Secular Conscience. I have to say that I think the last couple of chapters are worth the price of the book. Dacey communicates so clearly on a very complex topic and he does a great job, I think, of establishing a case for ethics without god based on reason. I highly recommend it! If you have read it, what did you think?

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All the one-sidedness is getting to me!

This is my first blog post here. I've been steaming about something lately, so I guess I will use this opportunity to get it out of my system.

I don't know about other people, but one thing that I absolutely HATE post deconversion is all the xians who want me to read their favorite books or go to certain lectures from supposedly renowned scientists on the truth of creationism, but don't care to look at the same topics from a different perspective than their own. I spent 28 years as a… Continue

Added by Daniel on August 13, 2008 at 1:59pm — 3 Comments

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