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Science too hard? There are ways around it, IMO.

I'm trying to cultivate a love of routine. I worry that my days are rushing ahead too quickly and I think that better organisation might get better value out of them.

This routine includes browsing (not just for that) the internet for interesting discussions. Atheist Nexus is one of the havens where I know that the one topic you won't have to fight for is the usefulness of the scientific method in helping you answer, or at least understand, pretty much any question you throw at it.…


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Hell? No.. They won't go..

I've been struggling to think what annoys me more about the whole St Paul's/Protesters saga.  The reporting by the BBC, the Church's bizarre conceit or the Tories' response and the Lib Dems' lack of one.  At every turn, the protesters have behaved correctly.  Their message is what many of us, who sat cross legged in front of the local vicar at school, were assured was Jesus' message.  Remember all that stuff about why the fat camel couldn't find heaven in a big pile…


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Rioting Robots!


Imagine that you build a robot and programme it with all the same inputs that people have nowadays then weight the inputs for selfish gene vehicles; greatest benefit at lowest cost.


2.1 million, thefts, robberies and crimes against vehicles were reported in 10/11.  221,000 were charged.  The home office reported that about 77% are convicted.  The maximum sentence is 7 years for theft, so we’ll assume 3.5 years as the likely sentence.

So if you’re a thief and…


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MPs v Rioters: FIGHT!

More Rioting


They’re only doing it because there is a reduced likelihood of being called out on it.  They’ve wanted these things for a long time, but society won’t let them have them.  We pay for their food, their travel and their homes and what do we get back in return?  They rarely pay tax, contribute nothing but noise and appear to think we all need to care how they “feel” about things. 


What they’re doing is destroying their own community and their country; they may… Continue

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Everyone can be a riot expert if they only try!

There’s been a spate of people on TV reminding us that not all large scale public disorder events are mindless, looting fests; sometimes they are politically motivated.


Whilst this is of course true, it’s wrong to infer that because there are people in the UK with urgent and legitimate complaint, the recent UK riots are some sort of expression of anything other than smash and grab on a large scale.


People can tell the difference, you can tell the… Continue

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Naughty Hackers Vs Naughty Politicians

Recent events have got me all ranty again.  The farce in the US House shows one thing and one thing only.  It’s not working.  It seems all too often that politicians in democracies act as though they were appointed by the party they belong to, rather than their constituents.


The current batch of MPs in the UK are oh-so-humble prior to an election and after they’ve been caught with their hands in the till but once there’s a new target on the block it’s back to a scramble to claim to… Continue

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When the philosophy undergraduates discover god...

This is my very first post on here so be very, very kind.  Maybe even sycophantic if you have it in you… ;-)

I've decided to post this in order to avoid having a drawn out and painful discussion with the original author of a Christian apology which, like arguing with a drunk teenager, is largely pointless and always entirely depressing.

The post in question was from someone called Templestream, a guy who was trolling on Atheist Revolution.  His theory was the typical drivel and…


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