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Secular Sexuality

My A/N friends, As you may know, I now have a podcast on my favorite topic - Sex. 

Episode #8 of Secular Sexuality just went up. It explores compersion, the opposite of jealousy. Earlier episodes included an interview with a former Catholic, now atheist dealing with his religious sexual programming and another interview of three polyamory atheists.  It can be found at any of these links. …


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Logicon and Reasonfest

Folks in the Midwest, I you are near Arkansas or Kansas, two excellent conferences are coming this month.  Logicon at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and Reasonfest at the University of Kansas. Both of these will have great speakers and fun times before and after. I hope you will take a look and come have some fun. I'll be speaking at both, but there is lots more with excellent scientists and activists.



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the Thinking Atheist, Sex and Shame

I was on The Thinking Atheist last night. We really got into things like how to talk to your children about sex and the bogus notion of sex or porn addiction. If you or someone you know, believes in sex addiction, listen here. It is only a figment of the Christian imagination and their sex crazed guilt.…


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the Thinking Atheist, Jan. 28

I will be talking to Seth on The Thinking Atheist Tuesday. Listen live, call in or listen later. I will be discussing shame and how religions use it to infect others and manipulate our behavior. Tune in.

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Radio Show/Podcast

Very fun conversation on a somewhat goofy radio channel. It is on YouTube, but the video/ads have nothing to do with what we are discussing. Thanks to Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Lessin for having me on the Sacred Matrix Radio Show. They were excellent interviewers in that they kept it conversational and listened well. Dr. Lessin impressed me with his discussion of Emile Durkheim, one of the founders in the sociology and…


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Secularite Magazine

The new Secularite Magazine just launched. I think it will be a fun addition to the current line up. Take a look and consider subscribing to support these innovative team that also produces The No God Cast. The first issue is excellent.

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Discussing Shame and Guilt

This was an amazing discussion and an opportunity to talk about an area that I don't get to talk about much - the trans community and problems and issues related to shame that creates such a hostile environment for those with a non-binary view of themselves and the world. This discussion may not sound relevant to you, but the issues are not unique to trans people. They pervade our culture and are a direct result of religious influence. My…


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Porn Free Zone

Here is my response to a writer who says her home is a "porn free zone."

Unfortunately, this writer is grossly misinformed about all things sexual. Humans are built for sex, love sex and visual and written porn have been a part of sex as long as history has been recorded. Romance novels are as much porn as any movie. Women in general respond to written or spoken porn men more to visual porn. That is the way our brains are wired. I would imagine that…


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I am off to Australia on Monday. If you have any Aussie friends in Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania or Melbourne, let them know I'll be in their area sometime in Feb. Now I have to get back to studying. I am trying to learn enough Aussie to be able to say "hi" and "bye" and "gooday mate" properly. I have been told that the Queenslanders are a unique breed. I'll just have to see for myself.

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Life on the Swingset

Life on the Swingset podcast, it's not often I get to talk to four fun and experienced people about sex. Cooper S Beckett, Ginger, Sher-b-cats, and Dylan were a total blast. This is a no-holds-barred discussion. This is almost unlike any podcast I have been on recently. Such great conversation!! If you are not listening to this podcast regularly, you are missing some great ideas and education.…


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Sexual Addiction by Marty Klein

My friend and colleague, Marty Klein and I have been on a campaign to eliminate the notion of sexual addiction. I am happy to report that he has written an excellent article debunking the whole notion and was interviewed about the article today by Dan Savage. Lets stop using this non-scientific term and challenge religionists when they use…


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Imaginary Friends Podcast

Had a fun interview with The Imaginary Friends podcast out of Australia. Podcast is up. I'll be visiting Jake (of the podcast) when I go to Brisbane, Australia after speaking in Sydney next month. 

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New Executive Director for RR

To all of the Friends of Recovering from Religion. We have a big announcement. RR has a new Executive Director - Sarah Morehead. Please read this press release:

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Secular Therapy Project

I was quoted in the New York Times today and the Secular Therapy Project was cited in an article on humanists and the recent assault rifle murders in Connecticut, "Where are the Humanists?" Please help us let people know about this important service. If you are in need of a secular…


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Matching donation challenge

Dear RR leaders and members: Dr. Steven Uhl has given us an end of the year challenge. He has promised to match every dollar donated to RR through Dec. 31. If you are considering possible charities for this season, please consider RR. You will double your money and help RR get off to a strong start in 2013. Please go to Recovering from Religion to donate before Dec. 31!

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Jim Morrison post on Religion and Masturbation

Here is an excellent post by James Morrison, a world religions teacher on sex and religion. He looks at some of the crazy ideas that religionists hold, especially about masturbation. I wonder if he will actually talk about the views of the various religions on masturbation, including the ancient Egyptian god Autm, who masturbated his two children into existence?…


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Atheists and Christmas

Please take a look at Teens Without God, Ask an Atheist. Don't let the "Teens" part turn you off. Many of the questions I answer on this site are relevant to all ages like this one: "Can an atheist still enjoy Christmas?" or "How do I deal with my religious in-laws?" The website is a product of the American Humanist Association. I have answered dozens of questions from people all over the…


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The God Virus now in Audio Format

The God Virus is now in audio format.  Here are a couple of comments from listeners on Audible.com.

What was one of the most memorable moments of The God Virus?

I enjoyed the giving of actual virus names and then showing how multiple religions act in that manner. I was able to learn about both…


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Why do we act like Christians

My talk at Skepticon 5, The Shame of it All, or Why Do We Act Like Christians.  A 30 min. talk on Youtube

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David Niose and Psychology Today

I am delighted to report that David Niose, President of the American Humanist Association and author of Nonbeliever Nation, has just published an article on The Secular Therapist project on the Psychology Today website.

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