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Taboo subjects and video

I just put up a short video briefly discussing aspects of guilt and religion and sexual control and religion. You can find it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajdwru77hnc

I am very interested in talking about some subjects that have been taboo in discussing religion. For example; How does religious infection affect sexual performance or the ability to enjoy or develop healthy sexual relations? How does religion affect marriage and interfere with relationships? Religionists are… Continue

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My Hair Cut

A young woman cuts my hair and when I told her of my book last month, she got it and read it. I went for a haircut today and got an earful. She was raised in a fundamentalist/evangelical home, her parents were very strict. She has pretty much left religion, but still considers herself spiritual and a Christian. I asked her how she liked the book and she started on a non-stop monologue. She talked about the manipulation and hypnosis I discuss in the book and seemed to be in wonder that she… Continue

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Panama Natural Selection

Traipsing through the jungles of Panama with people who are largely uneducated about evolution was an experience. Everywhere one looks, there is evidence of sexual and natural selection going on, even in the humans. While my Panamanian associates were non-religious in large measure, they seem to have no understanding of the mechanisms of evolution and how they manifest themselves especially in tropical climes. It reminds me that we have a huge educational opportunity, even with those who are… Continue

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Just spent a couple of weeks vacationing in Panama and doing the Canal. What a major engineering feat. I read The Path Between the Seas a couple of years ago then again for this trip. The book really helps in understanding the accomplishment. I stayed in a jungle cabin in a very catholic and superstitious community. Ten children and no birth control. They are very proud of their organic farming techniques. It is just a reminder to me of how far the third world has to go before they can even… Continue

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Infection through guilt

Going a slightly different direction; it is my observation that development of guilt in the child or young adult opens a portal for religious "guilt relief." There is a lot of evidence for this but one common theme is the many songs children learn in their religious training that involve guilt. "That saved a wretch like me." It appears to me that once the guilt "module" is installed in a child, the child can more easily be programmed with a religion - a religion that promises to assuage the… Continue

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The Guilt Cycle

As a psychologist who interacts with fellow atheists, I think one area we could all take a look at is how much our current beliefs and behavior continue to be affected by early religious and superstitious training. Assumptions about relationships, human connection, and especially sexuality are often areas that, as people floating in the sea of religious paradigms, we may simply follow along without questioning. Examples might include feelings of guilt that may come from early religious… Continue

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When I am speaking with a Christian person, I occasionally play a little game. It is harmless but interesting. I ask them how they view Islam. What is wrong with the religion? What is right about it? Inevitably I get some great arguments for its irrationality. "Mohammed could not have flow up to heaven on a horse." for example. If I turn the statement around and ask them, "Did Jesus rise up to heaven?" The response is, "Of course." Amazing how self evident things are for one's own religion and… Continue

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