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North Central book Tour

Tour Dates are all finalized for North Central book tour to include Detroit 4-24, Columbus, OH 4-25, Dayton 4-26, Madison, WI 4-27 & 28, Chicago 4-29, Lansing, MI 4-30, Toledo, 5-1.

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Are You a Secular Sexual?

Hre is my 25 min. talk at the convention on The Shame of Believing or Why Do We Act Like Christians? I suggest that we should rethink our sexuality as secular sexuals. Take a look and let me know how this idea feels to you.

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Homophobia and Masturbation

In my convention talk, this statement got by far the strongest response.

"Homophobia, for many people, is rooted in guilt and anxiety about their own MASTURBATORY behavior and in the shame they feel about their own bodies." It is among the strongest challenges to religionists. Try using it on someone and see how they respond. Even if they vehemently disagree, there is no doubt that they will think about it the next time they masturbate. It is the most intimate thing you can do with…


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American Atheist Convention

There is far too much to post and discuss in a blog post about the American Atheist Convention. I'll just have to say it was unlike any convention I have ever been to. I hope the video's are up soon. My talk on "The Shame of Believing or Why Do We Act Like Christians?" seemed to resonate well with many people, but the talk that captured most people was Jerry DeWitt's. Take a listen to him on the…


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American Freethought

My interview on American Freethought just came out. Get it at this link or on iTunes. I turned out quite a bit different than other podcasts I have done on the topic of Sex and God. Always fun to talk with David Driscoll and John Schneider.

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Nude Revolutionary

I am happy to report that one of the nude revolutionary photos was taken in my library - I'll let you figure out which one. Two others are friends of mine. I am proud of these women for their willingness to make a direct political stand against patriarchy and the oppression of women. Control of women's bodies is the cornerstone of patriarchal religion and societies. I am in awe of Maryam Namazie's courage in starting this idea.…


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Dallas - Collin college and SMU

Off to Dallas today to speak at Collin College on "Genes in Your Jeans: How much is our sexuality governed by genetics and how does that related to the way religion's try to program us?" Then a leadership workshop on Sat. and speak at Southern METHODIST University on "Sexy Evolution or What the Pope Does Not Know About Human Sexuality." Gotta love those Methodists. I got my MA at a Methodist Seminary.

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