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A Pastafarian Sex Prayer

I gave this prayer at the KU ReasonFest May 7, 2011.  I wasn't to sure if I should use it, but after giving it, have had many people request a copy. It was the prelude to my talk on our Sex and Secularism Survey results.  You can see the youtube of the prayer at: Sex Prayer  Here is the full text of the prayer:


A prayer from Dr. Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and…


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URGENT special request. Please pass along to relevant people. I have spoken to hundreds of people who have great stories to tell about how religion impacted their sex and sexuality. I cannot say much right now about why the urgency and who this is for, but trust me, it will be worth it.  I need people who have compelling stories about how religion impacted their sex life.  Contact me immediately with a 3-4 sentence description and whether you are willing to do one or more of these…


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NY Post

The New York Post did a story on our research on Saturday.  Too bad we had to compete with Rapture Day.  I think our message has more practical value.


New York Post

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England and Poland

Newspapers in England and Poland have just picked up the story of our Sex and Secularism research.  The Daily mail with a circulation of over 2 million.  Check out the article.The Daily Mail

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Greta Christina

Check out the great article by Greta Christina on the sex survey.


Greta Christina article

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Coming out godless project

If you are a recent deconvert, you might like this website, or even if you are not. There are some great stories here, some that you might identify with.  You might even consider submitting your own.

The Coming Out Godless Project

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Life Without a Net article

Life Without a Net has a great article on our research report.  I love the graphic. So far about 100 people have downloaded the full report.  You can get it at IPCpress.com Sex and Secularism article

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Why This Sex and Secularism Research is Important?

Why This Research is Important?


            The Sex and Secularism survey report is out.  We have worked hundreds of hours analyzing the data and writing and rewriting the report, going over it with academics, taking feedback and criticism and incorporating a lot of it.  Why is this report important enough to spend this kind of time on?  Secularists don’t know a lot about their own community.  Unlike Baptists or Catholics, we don’t have entire organizations dedicated to…


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Sex and Secularism Report

Am announcing the Sex and Secularism report FIRST here on A/N.  To all my sexy secular friends, the report can be downloaded at IPCpress.com.  You must register first to download it.  The registration is simple and we will only use your contact info to tell you about subsequent publication.

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Sam Harris on Religious Moderates

Sam Harris on Religious Modrates

Harris hits the nail on the head. Religious moderates are as culpable as any. Their god is immoral. Their holy book means exactly what it says. Fundamentalists have more intellectual integrity than moderates because they actually read the words as they are written, with rose colored glasses.

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Reason Fest

Reason Fest at Kansas University was a hit.  Good to have something close to my home and meet lots of secularists right here in Kansas.  Congrats to Conrad Hudson and all his team for success at a first ever event.  It was also fun to meet Hemant Mehta for the first time and have he and 9 others all staying at my home.  We had waaaay to much fun.

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Derek is now dead

Derek is now dead

Here is a person who knew how to die. I am in total awe of Derek, though I never knew him. Thanks to PZ Myers for sharing this on his blog.

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Reason Fest

If you are in the Kansas City, Lawrence, Topeka or Manhattan areas, I hope to see you at Reason Fest at Kansas University.  Looks like it will be a blast.

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