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Marriage and the Culture Wars

We read a lot in the culture wars about marriage, like it is a concept that has been around forever and everyone knows what it is. That isn't quite true. Marriage as we know it today, is a fairly recent invention. As recently as 500 years ago, few people in Europe bothered to get married. Only the landed classes tended to formalize marriage. There are many cultures that have or had no concept of marriage. Others practiced very different forms of marriage (think Muslim and Original Mormons).…


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Mental Health for the secular

The Thinking Atheist: Mental health for the secular. Seth and I had a great talk on this important topic. Please pass this podcast on and re post this. LISTEN to the email Seth reads right after the interview, it will bring tears to your eyes. The Thinking Atheist

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The Jesus Trap

Have you ever known a person who was pretty level headed and not particularly religious, then one day they fall in love with a religious person and become a fanatic themselves? This is what I call "The Jesus Trap" in chap. 22. It is a powerful pattern, designed to convert people through the use of sex. Unfortunately, once hooked, the promises never materialize but the children do and a new generation is infected with a specific religion. Some evangelical religions actually teach dating…


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Relgion Controls Women -the genetics

Genetic evidence, religion is used to control women. Like we needed more evidence. The study's conclusion:

"In short, Strassmann and colleagues maintain that the ideological and tactical similarities between these world religions and the Dogon religion have arisen in response to the same biological pressures. Religious patriarchy is directly analogous to the mate-guarding tactics used by animals to ensure paternity."

 I would correct this slightly. It is not biological pressure,…


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Mark Twain and Hannibal, MO

  • Last weekend I visited Hannibal, Mo. the home of Mark Twain. It was an enjoyable trip with a lot to do in that…

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Marriage, Sex, and Child rearing, cont.

Marriage and children continued: Even if both of you are secular and agree to raise your children as such, you will find the culture - including in-laws, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors - tend to see parents who fail to infect their children with religion as negligent. Unfortunately, they think this gives them license to indoctrinate your children for you. If you were Catholic, they probably would not try to convert your children to be Baptist. If you…


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Marriage, Sex, and Child rearing

Let me reiterate something I discussed at length in both Sex and God and The God Virus; If you choose to marry, even a moderately religious person, you will have great difficulty having rational discussions about sex and child rearing. Of course there are exceptions, but they are the exceptions. So unless you are the kind of person that wins the lottery every time you buy a…

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Secular Student Alliance

Awesome weekend with the Secular Student Alliance board and staff. They are going to kick some serious ass this year. The growth in new groups is off the chart. We need to support them to make sure the growth gets properly supported. There is a very generous 250K match right now. You can double your money! If you are not a member or have not donated lately, please consider it now. They can only support their incredible growth with our help…

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