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Jealousy deconstructed. As Dr. Hall mentioned in his review of Sex and God, jealousy is an important concept to understand. While we tend to think of jealousy as a single idea, it actually has many component parts. Once the parts are taken apart and examined, it becomes clear that jealousy is a cultural construct that can change and even disappear depending on how it is constructed. The myth is that jealousy is natural. That it is innate. That we are born with…


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Journal of Human Sexuality Review

Reviewed and enjoyed by David S. Hall, Ph.D., publisher for Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

As this Journal’s publisher, I receive many books and films to review. I tend to shy away from books and films about religion except in my role as an educator. I need to expose my students to the wider view of sexuality held by the world’s religions. When this book arrived from Dr. Ray, author of The God Virus, I took it on as a learning project. I am very glad I did.…


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Defensiveness, your greatest enemy

Defensiveness is the enemy of learning and change. How many times have you tried to give someone important information about their performance, presentation, appearance, behavior only to have them respond defensively and even get angry and attack you? How did their response make you feel? Did you find yourself avoiding them or hesitant to tell them other things?

Turn that around. How many times has someone tried to tell you…

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Satiation, the thing no one wants to talk about.

Satiation, the thing no one wants to talk about. Relationships become satiated, that is to say, we get used to each other and that means it is harder to stimulate your partner or respond to a partner. It is a natural thing, just as eating steak for every meal would get boring. Successful partners can learn to keep their relationship fresh but there is no template for doing it. Each relationship must find its own way.

The biggest roadblock to…


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SocioSexual Orientation

In my talk to the Bay Area Atheists, I discussed the evidence for our socio-sexual orientation. A concept I discuss in Sex and God. When I introduced the concept to the group and asked, "How many of your are familiar with this idea?" not one hand raised. This is NOT to be confused with Sexual Orientation. The research on this concept has been around for 20 years, yet no one in the sex education or even the sex positive community seems to know about it. Take a…


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Reno and San Francisco

I am speaking at the National Mensa Convention in Reno, twice this weekend. If you are around, let me know. Also, speaking to the Bay Area Atheists on Sunday, July 8. …


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