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Bill Hamby recently put up my essay "There Are No Monotheistic Relgions" as a guest blog.
This is a look at how religionists try and set the agenda and how
non-religionists can redefine the playing field. Take a look at this


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Birmingham England Humanists


a very full afternoon and evening with the Birmingham, England

Humanists. The Q&A period after was great. About 20 of us retired

to the Pub after to continue the conversation. There was good

representation from the Univ. of Birmingham student humanists as well.

We then went to a great Indian restaurant for m...ore fun, wine and conversation. I doesn't get much better than this. Speaking in Nov. to the University of Kansas, Colorado State U. and North Texas… Continue

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CFI London

Had an awesome time speaking to CFI London Saturday. Totally tired from jet lag but still managed to down two pints of Guinness after and talk

for a couple hours in the pub with Stephen Law, Richard Green and many

of the CFI and Atheist UK people. Didn't get an official count but about 70 people for a noon talk on Saturday. Very lively Q&A afterwards.…

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Religion and Sex

Podcast just came out on InnerSide Radio out of Houston with Scooter. Talking about sexual control in religion and the purpose it serves. I'll be
talking about the same thing this evening.


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Dublin, Ireland

Skeprechauns just put up my Dublin talk on The God Virus. Kind of interesting to listen to with the Kansas connection. I was there to talk at Science City at the invitation of the Skeptics in the Pub. http://skepticireland.com/skeprechauns-special-dr-darrel-ray-talks-to-irish-skeptics

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John Birch Society

Am I imagining things or does the Tea Party look a hell of a lot like
the John Birch Society of the 1960's? I listen to their conspiracy and
anti government lines and wonder if they read an old John Birch pamphlet
for their platform? They even site some of the same false history that
has been debunked for decades? Do these folks even read history? If
they did, they would see how much they are repeating it.

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How Religion Distorts Sexuality

Speaking Saturday in Kansas City on How Religion Distorts SexualitySure gets people's attention and fun to talk abou, though it is a very serious topic in many ways.

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Birmingham, United Kingdom and Dalla

Having a busy fall. Speaking at the Texas Freethought convention in
Dallas next weekend and doing a leadership workshop. Hope to see some
of you there. Just confirmed that I will be speaking in the Birmingham,
United Kingdom Oct. 30.

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