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Free Yourself from Self Abuse

Stefbot has produced some great YouTube videos that a worth a look. A few of which happen to fall under child abuse and how it affects us well into adulthood. The most recent one I watched was this one:

If you have time, I also encourage you to watch The Bomb in the Brain series. The statistics he uses are from The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, which is an organization that does research on childhood abuse and its effect on adults. So… Continue

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TED - Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

This morning as I was going through my podcasts and this particular video popped into my que. With all of my issues that I've been dealing with as of late, this video could not have come at a more ideal time in my life. I hope that others find it inspirational too!…


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The Road to De-conversion is Paved with Good Intentions - Part I

I've never really taken the time to properly sit down and walk through my life and give others that opportunity to view my de-conversion process before. Perhaps some who view it might see that I, just like many others, have shared the same struggles and some, who might be still struggling, might find something of value in it that might pull them through.


I was not born into a religious house. The religious fervor that was pushed on me didn't take place until years later. It…


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Relationships - can i haz one?

I have no one right now to talk to. No one at all. So for now, I suppose a cruddy blog will have to do. But I can't hold back any more because I feel like my emotional state is just spiraling out of control over something that happened to me a few weeks before Thanksgiving that drudged up a lot of very deep old wounds. It wasn't even something bad, rather, it had the potential to be something good. But because I have a lot of issues with forming bonds with people due to my past experiences with… Continue

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