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"You doing all right?"

"I guess," I said. "I'm a little nervous."

The nurse smiled. "You'll be fine. We're a well-funded institution, and we're doing OK for technology."

Somehow, for some reason, I was not reassured.

The mask was fixed on my face and I felt the cool injection of anesthetics into my IV line. "Breathe deeply," the nurse said. "And relax."

I nodded.

Someone else came in the room, a woman.

"Hey," she said.… Continue

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Why do we think religion is necessary, again?

When it's used to justify setting an eleven-year-old girl on fire, it's probably time for all of us to rethink the "respect" we give to religion, to its practitioners, and particularly to leaders who endorse extremism in its name.

Kill ’em all and let their gods sort ’ em out.

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They're not even wrong.

CNN's story led with a provocative and possibly-alarming header: "Cell phones can affect sperm quality, researcher says". That's distressing by virtually any rational standard, no?

Cellular phones have a long history of being feared and mistrusted. There is an abundance of people who believe they cause brain cancer, despite… Continue

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Get ready for insipid punditry.

Ike — aptly named if one knows the history of the Turners — did a hell of a lot of damage. I don't know how the Jesus crowd feels about what keeps happening to Galveston (it gets hit pretty regularly, and last I heard, it's not a gay mecca), but I'm sure they're trying to exonerate their sky daddy by any means available.

Unfortunately such means surfaced with a… Continue

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What's a Girl to Do?

Bat for Lashes, 2006. Two takes.

The fun part is finding the break.

Get the album… Continue

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The Hoax isn't the Story

So now we know (and are shocked, I'm sure, to learn) that the "bigfoot" "carcass" was actually a monkey suit on ice.

It's not the hoax that's really the story here, though; it's that the hoaxters seemed to believe they'd be able to get away with it.

One of the two men in the fraud is a sheriff, and damned well should have known what kind of forensic analysis his "corpse" would be put to. But both of these backwoods yokels seemed to be caught unawares by how quickly their… Continue

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Golly! Why is Obama's Lead so Slim?

Isn't it obvious?

It's because no one in white America wants to vote for a nigger.

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A Guns-in-School Twofer

Harrold Independent School District in (of course) Texas has OKed teachers and staff bringing firearms to school.

This festering stupidity begins and ends with David Thweatt (the district's superintendent), it seems, who offers up these statements as evidence of his own severe retardation:

He said the district's lone campus…

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Whose Fault?

Larry King, fifteen, was shot quite dead at school last year by a classmate who didn't like to face the reality that King was gay.

Rather than put the blame where it belongs — on his murderer — King's parents are suing his school because administrators "permitted" him to show up in drag.

Of course, if the administrators had not done so, they'd've been sued by the ACLU.

The fault for… Continue

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Peta: Blowing Goats for 28 Years

This is beyond tasteless, but what can we expect from the wide-eyed chinchilla-buggerers at Peta?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat an entire fucking cow.

[Crosspost from my dive]

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We Can’t Defeat Them … WHY?

Ford POS with rusted-out body, gas-heavy exhaust mix and a misfiring cylinder rolled up to the local convenience store. Three beer-bellied bearded men in jeans and a white trash woman piled out.

On the passenger side door was the blazon, Western Conservative Alliance.

This is what we're up against. This is the base that got Bush elected. This is the caliber of person who fears immigrants, queers and a black president.

Get… Continue

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More Christian Family Values

The godtards are fond of claiming that nonheterosexuals adopting children is bad for the kids.

As bad as this, I wonder?

An evangelical preacher killed his wife several years ago and stuffed her body in a freezer after she caught him abusing their daughter, according to police and court documents.
Anthony Hopkins murdered his wife in 2004 after she caught him fucking… Continue

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If you Must Have an Official Religion

...it should probably be Buddhism.

In the face of right-wing fungelical squeaking about transgendered individuals and the bathrooms they should or should not be permitted to use, a school in Thailand has actually built a separate WC for its transgendered students.

What I sit in awe of is not the fact that the…


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This about sums it up. Lovestory and tragedy in seven minutes.

Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa, by Sigur…


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Must've Been Bad Karma

In yet another example of the perverse sense of humor of the universe, an Indiana Wiccan stabbed herself in the foot with a sword while conducting a good-luck ritual.

MSNBC shares with us the story of Katherine Gunther, of Lebanon, IN. While performing the ceremony under the light of a full moon1 in a cemetery — which includes, apparently, repeatedly thrusting the point of a sword into the ground — she…


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Calorie Lab Posts Lies, Defends Itself by Attacking the Messenger

"Calorie Lab" is a website that ordinarily publishes more or less useful commentary on diets and diet plans, generally skewing to the reality-based side, but this last week they published a very credulous workup of Stanley Burroughs and his "cleanse" diet plan here.

The article presents the diet in a more or less legitimate sounding light until the last few grafs. That was extremely troubling…


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Aeria Gloris

Inner Universe by Origa

This is the source for the opening theme from Ghost in the Shell: Stand-Alone Complex, and is distinctly house in its stylings. I like it because the title sequence is filled with Major Kusanagi's dreams; you see what a girl, whose body was lost to her into adulthood until there was nothing human about her but her spinal column and brain, sees as she sleeps. The dreams of a cyborg. A girl who never had the time to change into woman; it was just… Continue

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Grandmother of Dr. Who

Or not, perhaps. Delia Derbyshire was apparently responsible for the mix of Ron Grainer's Dr. Who theme in 1963, but damn, she did some other innovative, amazing work in the analog era.

Hit this link and listen to her piece under the 'Timeless' header; or just hit this.

That was last week, right?



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On the Quantity of Methane in Unicorn Emissions

Crossposted from my pad.

Yes, another reply to a riposte from James Lileks of the Minnesota Star-Tribune. If it keeps up at this rate I might have to add another category.

Thursday he was in rare form, and opened with a nice salvo:

Another day in the Land of Inversion, where the obvious is not an option.…


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