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Ceremonial Deism

If you want to hear me rant, just mention ceremonial deism. The courts have stated the the god in In God We Trust is so meaningless that it is not religious. Yet, citizens still use the fact the In God We Trust (IGWT) is our motto to continue the myth that the U.S. is a Christian nation. Yes, maybe to you justices IGWT is so ridiculous that it is meaningless, but to millions of Americans, it says, "We are a Christian Nation." E. Pluribus…

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Gay Marriage Debate

I listened to the Gay Marriage episode on Unbelievable episode 4/21/12 ( and I must say something about this Catholic anti-gay marriage advocate’s arguments. …


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Humanism is Tribalism on Steroids

Humanism is Tribalism on Steroids

                Many theists have difficulty in understanding how atheist/humanists get their morals if they did not get them by stealing them from Christianity. The answer is really quite simple: Tribalism evolved to become more and more inclusive until it reached all of humanity.

As descendants of a common primate ancestor, bonobos and Homo sapiens demonstrate altruistic behavior.  …


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The Missionary Take No Prisoners Zeal of Christianity in America

Since Rome adopted Christianity as their national religion in the 4th Century, Christianity has spread with missionary zeal. The Catholics killed and tortured tens of thousands of people in the Crusades and the Inquisition, all in the name of saving souls from Hell. Then, the Protestant Reformation triggered the 100 years of war between the Protestants and Catholics, and with it many more thousands of lives lost. Then the Spanish took their religious fervor to the New World where they…


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Why don't the Jewish people follow the teachings of the Old Testament?

Why don't the Jewish people follow the teachings of the Old Testament? I am glad they don't, otherwise there would be honor killings by Jews, but I would like someone to educate me as to why the Jews do not stone adulterers as ordered in the word of God. At least the Christians can say that Jesus did away with the old law. How do the Jews justify disobeying god? I Googled it and the best answer I found was that there was "New Covenant" but that just says the law will be "written in their… Continue

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I pledge allegiance to the Earth

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and the uniting nations of the planet and to the environment in which we stand one planet, using science, with liberty and human rights for all. Me 9/1/10

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Elimination of "In God We Trust" Struck Down Again

Once again the elimination of In God We Trust (IGWT) has been shot down

To me, it is so clear that this is a violation of my 1st amendment rights. So how could so many highly intelligent justices be wrong?

To answer this question, I first went to the 1st amendment of the constitution, which says: "Congress shall make no law… Continue

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Atheism vs. Communism

In the afterword of "The End of Faith," Sam Harris responds to criticism that "the greatest crimes of the 20th century were perpetrated by atheists...Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Kim Jong." Harris answers by saying, "these regimes have been mere litanies of delusion-- about race, economics, national identity..."

Note that all but one of these depots (Hitler) were communist. Almost all atheists whose writings I have read are more than atheists; they are empiricists. That is, they… Continue

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Rocket Man

Why do I read and write about atheism every day? Why do I love to find and collect bible verses that demonstrate that the character God is a sadistic, murdering, baby killing, slave promoting, misogynic, and jealous jerk? Why do I spend hours every day on the computer reading and posting atheistic content, much to the chagrin of my wife and consternation of my non-atheist Face book friends? I think it is because I am still unconsciously afraid of Hell.

I do not consciously believe in… Continue

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The Deprogrammed Atheist vs. The Non-deprogrammed Atheist

Today I have been reflecting on the difference between me as a not-yet-deprogrammed atheist for 35 years and me as an almost deprogrammed atheist. I first became an atheist in 1975 after studying evolution in college. I kept my beliefs to myself, although if anyone asked, I would admit that I was atheist. I never read any books about atheism and I never learned much more about my atheism, until recently.

As a not-yet-deprogrammed atheist, I was not upset by religion. I could easily… Continue

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It seems that the formation of our universe was like a winning lotto number

I have been curious about the multi-verse theory of how our universe came to be so I did some reading. At the following website, I discovered that the general consensus is that universes are created by black holes. When a star collapses into unimaginable density and a black hole is formed, the laws of nature are destroyed and new laws are formed.… Continue

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Christians seem to like the actions of the Abrahamic God.

On 5/31/10 I published on two popular Bible pages many of the most notorious Bible verses, which are listed in detail at:

Many people clicked “like.” The other responses I got were quite surprising. One woman posted “very nice” as a comment and then gave me a link to a God… Continue

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Female Genital Mutilation

I was reading an Female genital mutilation essay out of "The Book Your Church Does Not Want You to Read," by Fran P Hosken. In this short essay, I learned that 84 million women and girls living in 1989 had been genitally mutilated. The objective is to make sexual intercourse impossible. The essay said it is practiced mostly by Muslims. This infuriated me!

I Googled infibulation, which was used as synonymous with genital mutilaiton and got some better information. Actually, there are… Continue

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The United States of America

I was raised in an evangelical Christian family and I was taught that the U.S. is God's chosen country of today, i.e. the best nation. That thought lingered in my mind even during 35 years of closeted atheism.

It was only after I studied religion objectively 3 months ago that it dawned on me that the U.S. is not the best, far from it. The U.S. takes after the Old Testament God: it is an arrogant, egotistical asshole. We say we have the best ideas and we impose them on others, which… Continue

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Church of England feeling the pressure of 45% atheist in England.

The Church of England has urged the BBC not to cut any more religious programmes, warning that the Corporation is in danger of “losing sight of its essence”.

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Evolutionary misfire

As I was driving out of my driveway this morning, I notice something in someone's yard that looked like a pelican. Upon closer examination, I realized it wasn't. It reminded me of how we humans have an protective instinct to interpret things as living things in case it is a threat. This evolutionary trait has caused us to think there is a God even when there isn't.

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What if God came down and told everyone he didn't care. Movie?

Today I was thinking about how religion is a tool for controlling the masses. If you can get them to think someone in the sky is watching them at all times, they will be more law abiding citizens. Then, I thought, “What if we all found out that God was not watching us?” That gave me an idea for a movie. Please tell me what you think?

God appears in the sky on a giant TV and says in all the languages of the world:

“Listen, dudes, you guys need to shut up. You are annoying… Continue

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I was pulling weeds next to my Russian neighbor who was changing his oil of his car. I knew he formerly was biochemistry major who wanted to be a medical doctor, but that he decided instead to become…

I was pulling weeds next to my Russian neighbor who was changing his oil of his car. I knew he formerly was biochemistry major who wanted to be a medical doctor, but that he decided instead to become a

preacher. I asked what he was doing these days and he said he was working on

his second master’s degree. His first was in pastoral science (for becoming a

preacher) and his second is in theology (for teaching preachers in…


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