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Gay Marriage Debate

I listened to the Gay Marriage episode on Unbelievable episode 4/21/12 ( and I must say something about this Catholic anti-gay marriage advocate’s arguments. …


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Humanism is Tribalism on Steroids

Humanism is Tribalism on Steroids

                Many theists have difficulty in understanding how atheist/humanists get their morals if they did not get them by stealing them from Christianity. The answer is really quite simple: Tribalism evolved to become more and more inclusive until it reached all of humanity.

As descendants of a common primate ancestor, bonobos and Homo sapiens demonstrate altruistic behavior.  …


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The Missionary Take No Prisoners Zeal of Christianity in America

Since Rome adopted Christianity as their national religion in the 4th Century, Christianity has spread with missionary zeal. The Catholics killed and tortured tens of thousands of people in the Crusades and the Inquisition, all in the name of saving souls from Hell. Then, the Protestant Reformation triggered the 100 years of war between the Protestants and Catholics, and with it many more thousands of lives lost. Then the Spanish took their religious fervor to the New World where they…


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