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Dear Atheism

Dear Atheism,

Why am I so joyfully obsessed with you? Why do I consider the highlights of my day to be when I check my Facebook (FB) notifications? Why do I write a letter to you as if you were a being with which to

communicate? Is it because I need something

to replace my Christian God? How can someone be so happy that something doesn’t



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My ex-Christian Story.

This is my ex-Christian story. My parents were both reared in very religious protestant farming families in Iowa. I was born in 1957 while they were attending Los Angeles Chiropractic College.

We attended the church in which my parents were raised. This church was called

Christian Conventions, but if you asked a member what the name of their church

was, they would say they did not have a name. However, they would gladly refer



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One of many atrocities the Catholic Church has committed.

I have been reading "The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read." The latest chapters are about the atrocities the Catholic Church has committed over the past 2000 years. In California, Father Serra invented the Novenario for punishing native americans who strayed from the Christian way: 25 lashes for nine days in a row.

Added by Rudy Ruddell on May 14, 2010 at 9:48pm — 8 Comments



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