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Sorry, have not been on here in while, and this one will be a quick one.  I was recently visiting with my very religious dad. We had dinner and he, of course, said grace. Well he was anoyed that no one "echoed" when he said "amen." Made me think, dang, he is going to figure me out soon.  So far i have been trying to come off as just lazy or just mildly jaded when it comes to church, but i'm sure if he knew about the secret stash of Dawkins books hidden in my room, the poor old dude would…


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Ignorant Zealots

Facebook, oh that terrible double- edged sword! On the one hand, full of photos of my cousins' kids, a spot where i can check in on my friends from other cities or even countries without a long distance phone call and of course the cat videos... I admit it, I love the cat videos! But there is a darker side... the constant religious posts!

The one that a couple of my friends are circulating today is about the Bible not being allowed at school.  They are saying the Bible…


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Not believing in an afterlife does not mean i am a "sad' person.

I work in healthcare in a long term care facility and I deal with death on a regular basis. About a year ago the opportunity arose for me to take a palliative care course through my work.  I enjoyed it for the most part. It dealt with topics such as end of life care, pain relief and addressing the spiritual needs of different individuals based on their religious beliefs.

There was one instance however that was decidedly unpleasant, and unfortunately really overshadowed the rest of my…


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Religious music in secular settings

This post is maybe a bit more thought out than my last one:

There have been a few occasions of late when i was in a business and the music selected by the staff was a bit abrasive. Now, me not liking the music playing over the speakers at a business is not an uncommon occurrence.  I live in rural Ontario and "country" seems to be the music of choice for most stores.  I am not a big country fan. Some places will go with pop or soft rock, which maybe aren't my faves either, but…


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New to this, but what the hell!

Hello, forgive my fumbling. I am so not a blogger, but i figured now is as good a time as any to begin. I have no idea if anyone will read this, but i am very used to talking to myself! I really don't have much to say at this time so i am just kind of going off the cuff.  

I am a fairly new non-believer, atheist, Bright or whatever handle you want to use, and i have been recently trying to connect with people who think and feel the way i do.  I have been struggling with my…


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