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Is it possible for a God to exist?

I really hope there's a good IronChariots article that addresses this, but not finding one I'm putting this here.

I'm not asking the question. Recently I've seen a number of good youtube atheists made awkward by arguments beginning along the lines of asking "Is it possible for a God to exist?". I believe this to be an excellent (from the apologists point of view) trick question. I saw several examples of an atheist responding with a very hesitant, guarded yes, and then I could not…


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TAPs and PAPs

This wasn't really meant to be a blog entry, but it wound up being too long to fit in my page comments. This is from the Wikipedia page on agnosticism:

Dawkins also identifies two categories of agnostics; Temporary Agnostics in Practice (TAPs), and Permanent Agnostics in Principle (PAPs). Dawkins considers temporary agnosticism an entirely reasonable position, but views permanent agnosticism as "fence-sitting, intellectual cowardice."

This has…


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Atheism vs Agnosticism

I came up with a very long post for another reason. Since I'm happy with how it turned out I thought I should post it here. It was in response to someone misusing the term agnostic, and was insisting that a lack of beliefs is agnosticism and that atheism is the positive belief that no gods exist. The person was also using agnosticism to mean that we currently don't have enough knowledge about gods but that we may one day have enough knowledge and rejecting the notion that knowledge of…


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I propose The Apologist's Dilemma

I don't know if something like this already exists, but I'd like to propose an idea I had I call The Apologist's Dilemma. This was partially inspired by the youtube video Putting faith in its place by QualiaSoup.

All the Apologist's Dilemma really boils down to is you can't lie or cheat in a theological debate, referring to two specific lies that are almost universally found at the core of apologist arguments. These are:

A) No amount of invalid arguments will…


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It's a machine! A literal theory of the tv show Lost.

This may seem a bit late, but it's something I actually wrote back on 5/31/2010, shortly after the show ended. I'd posted it to another site at that time.

First, a few observations.

At the vending machine with Sawyer, Juliet said you can unplug it, then plug it back in, and technically it's legal. The candy bar next to the Apollo bar was called an Avalon bar.

Jack's appendix scar is more interesting than I first realized. It first appears as an out of place…


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Two Insights Into Fantasy Literature

I've had a few ideas in the genre of fantasy. One being a further interpretation of the Lord of The Rings. But first, you know how fantasy seems to depict female armor as midriff baring, or chainmail bikinis, or strategically placed to only cover up certain small bits? Well I had a thought that could make that motiff plausable, within any fantasy setting you wish to apply it to.…


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A tale of two Seths

I'm not a big fan of the whole Facebook style layout, which is why I don't use Facebook, but this seems to most appropriate spot to post certain thoughts.

I knew that the origins of Christianity (thus taking us back through Judaism) were founded on a mixing of Canaanite and Ancient Egyptian religions (most likely the Aten denomination, if that's the right term). But I just came across this little gem while doing a little reading.

If we start with Adam (rife with connections…


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2nd test blog post

From the Latest Activity section, on My Page

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Experimental blog post

Since it's not clear if this is a post to my blog, or if it's a post to the collective Atheist Nexus blog, I thought I'd try experimenting first.

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