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Worship the Bible?

I have been thinking of the wording for this post for a few days. That isn't to say I will be able to form a

coherent thought, but I'll attempt one. Let's start out with a parallel. Season 1, episode 14 from

Farscape beautifully illustrates what I am trying to say. To those not familiar with the sci-fi masterpiece,

you can skip to the next paragraph. Crichton is stuck on a planet with some colonists that have resorted

to tribal living and religion. The old religious text can… Continue

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Silly Argument

Before I get flamed, I just want to say up front that I don't agree with what I am saying. Comments welcome, but remember: I do not seriously advocate this position.

Why is it wrong to go shopping naked? The answer I get most often has to do with the story of Adam and Eve. They ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and discovered they were naked. Once God found out that they knew, "...the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.- Gen 3-21" God clothed them… Continue

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Founding Father Information

It's midnight and I'm tired. This means I do not have a lot of time to do a lot of typing. So, I am going to do a lot of cut and pasting. Over the last few days, specifically Tuesday night, I was presented with many, many quotes showing America's founding fathers as establishing a Christian theocracy. It was impressive. Yet, it seemed to present only a few of the quotes I'd read about the same people. I think the agricultural term is "cherry picking", or something like that. Here is a hasty… Continue

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Even More Podcast Reviews

With time on my hands and podcasts to review, let's get to it:

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Another podcast where the name says it all. It seems dry and plodding compared to my other podcasts, but when considering the subject she does a miraculous job. The podcast is usually around five minutes long and gives writing tips that I summarily ignore. Perhaps I will one day perfect the use of English as a… Continue

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More Podcast Reviews

Continuing on with the podcasts I listen to, here are my feelings on some more of them and if you may find them interesting or not.

Combinations and Permutations

Geeky in the best possible way. A math topic is raised and quickly forgotten. As a springboard for much more interesting conversation, even I as a math appreciator can get into this podcast. If you enjoy listening in while people that make me look like an… Continue

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Podcast Reviews

A few days ago, I posted podcasts I listened to. Now, let me give my impressions of them. They are all good, or why would I listen to them? So, don't expect a full page of pats on the back. Here goes:

A Christian and an Atheist.

The title says it all. Emery now has a full time co-host in Scott Barger(sp?). I like listening to both of them because I think they are the calmest, most rational people I think I've ever heard… Continue

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Day after Easter

I do my best these days to hold off on religious discussions at work with co-workers that don't even begin or attempt to understand anything I say. Yesterday, Bob asked me if I took my daughter out to hunt for Easter eggs on Sunday. Several responses came to mind right from the start. I don't follow the pagan tradition of painting eggs and putting them on or in graves in the hopes of a resurrection. The vernal equinox has already passed and Sunday was just another day. Then the common reason… Continue

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For your reading and listening pleasure...

To anyone that bothers to read about me, you know that I have a crap job. Well, two crap jobs, but delivering pizza's doesn't allow me the perk of an ear bud to listen to podcasts. Glancing over at my second computer, I see that the count is 44 podcasts that I download and follow. This doesn't factor in the audio books and the older podcasts I have to resort to when I run out of new podcast content. Some of them ask for donations, most do not. I've never donated to any of them, sadly. Atis… Continue

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Christian Nation

With a catchy title like, "Christian Nation", I hope I can add something to the argument. After riding in the shuttle van yesterday to drop off a car, I had a different take on an old issue. Often times, I will hear a snippet of audio or see something that will inspire me in a completely different direction than the artist intended. Anyone that has read my notes will find them dense, poorly thought out, and going in tangents that may have nothing to do with the original subject. I'm notorious… Continue

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What a wonderful book!

Just reminding everyone of the incredible story we find in Exodus. Specifically, chapter 12 where we learn that anywhere from 2 to 2.5 MILLION people were wandering around Egypt for 40 years.

Wikipedia has a nice breakdown of the numbers.

Exodus 12:37 refers to 600,000 adult Hebrew men leaving Egypt with Moses, plus an unspecified but apparently large "mixed multitude" of non-Hebrews; Numbers 1:46 gives a…

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My Windmill!

One of the things my grandparents left me with was a game to keep busy on road trips. Back in the days before DVD players and books(before I knew you could read a book for fun), We'd spend the trip scanning the passing countryside looking for windmills. Living in central Texas, the windmills you see in the movies are still in use. Gray metal devices used to pump water to cattle troughs without the need of electricity. We'd scan from left to right out of the car windows and exclaim, “My… Continue

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Space isn't the only Vacuum UPDATE


I've justified, to myself, allowing people to make stupid purchases. I analyzed what my problems with people buying useless pieces of paper and here's what I have come up with. If I were to ask myself the question, “Should it be illegal for people to spend money on useless pieces of paper even if it doesn't hurt me and makes the people feel good? It is their money, should they be free to spend it on whatever junk they'd like?” I have to concede that even if I STRONGLY… Continue

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Space isn't the only Vacuum

I do not think like other people. Of this, there can be no doubt. Sometimes, others think along the same lines as I. Many times, I am in agreement with what others think. Yesterday, I was confronted by an issue that, so far, no one else I have talked with agrees with me. Therefore, I submit, I could be wrong. Not a rare occurrence, but one that I would like to correct if indeed I am wrong.

It all started with the Skeptoid episode on buying space property. As I listened to the… Continue

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Oh! To destroy the positive thinking of a child.

My daughter is four years old. She's learning to speak; she's learning to interact with the world. At times, she becomes frustrated with the way the real world conspires against her and will throw up her hands and declare, "I can't do it!" This is the usual exclamation when the belt she's toting around the house gets stuck under a chair, or a package of crackers is just too difficult to open. Her mother has instituted a program of positive thinking when ever adversity befalls our little girl.… Continue

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Corporate Welfare Redefined

Right from the start, I want to confess I receive state assistance in the form of funds for food. I am well aware of the bias I bring into this piece and as I write, I will endeavor to remain as neutral as possible. Also, I would like to point out this is a thought in progress. It is an observation that I haven't fully thought out, so any input would be appreciated.

Before the election, our general manager passed around slips of paper with the two major political candidates names and… Continue

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Artistically Stupid

My four year old daughter loves dinosaurs. I made the mistake of purchasing nearly the entire set of Land Before Time videos from a local thrift store and she has nearly worn them to ribbons. To compound that mistake, I bought each of the varied plastic dinosaurs offered up at the grocery store. It was a good thing they had their names stamped on their bellies because several I didn't know the names of and several others I had totally wrong. For months now, she has insisted they all come to bed… Continue

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Mechanic's Note

Working at a car dealership lets me take the pulse of the surrounding community. Their strongest concerns are no longer confined to the buttons worn as a fashion accessory as they were in the eighties, but now they are slathered on the back of their vehicles in the form of a bumper sticker or five. Oboma, McCain, country first, change, marriage, abortion, peace, and drilling are dispersed liberally among the cheapest beaters and the priciest SUV's. As an employee who pulls peoples car around as… Continue

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We don't need no stinkin' letters!

Google hasn't been any help in finding the source of the quote I picked up years ago, “You never know what you believe till you encounter someone that believes the opposite.” At least, that is how I remember it. Since I can not find the source, I can not get it correct. Yet, it is in the same spirit of what I want to talk about today. Not thinking is so very easy. When you buy a book, or read an article in which you agree with the author, it is relaxing to not weave through logical fallacies,… Continue

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Passive Agressive Evangelism

Listening to the Reasonable Doubts podcast gave me an idea yesterday. At the end of the episode, they had a correction. It seems that a common Thomas Jefferson quote we atheists use has been a misquote. The common quote is, “Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man." The actual quote is,… Continue

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Dirty Filters, Dirty Business

The first job I had after high school was the Air Force. I sacked groceries in high school, or as I liked to call it a “packaging specialist”, but my first taste of the “real” job force was the military. One of the things you had hammered into you was total quality. If you saw a problem, you told your supervisor. If that wasn't enough, you went up your chain of command till the problem was resolved. In the Air Force at least, whistle blowers were encouraged. I have taken this job habit with me… Continue

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