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There is an evil strain permeating American culture and that is the culture of aristocracy. It has been eroding the egalitarian values this country was founded on. I fear liberals who believe that all humans are equal are loosing the argument by those that want to divide humans into class to protect the status quo. These aristocrats argue from the vantage point of power, that they are where they are due to some sort of superior character trait and it is equal opportunity that allowed them…


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Big Bang-A Collision of Universes

I wonder if the Big Bang was caused by two or more universes colliding and merging together. Just imagine, a sea of universes moving through an eternal space. This could mean that some atoms, subatomic particles, and energy existed prior to the Big Bang, and the collision created a unique combination that is the observable universe in which we reside. We are far away from the edge of our universe and it may not ever be possible to ever observe anything that exists outside our universe, but…


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Right now I am above ground, breathing, thinking, and feeling. I'm not sure how much time I have left in this life, none of us do, but I'm likely to live into old age, statistically speaking. I could go on to develop an incurable, deadly disease, or even die in a head collision today by something completely outside my control. I do have some control in life, some free choice you know. I think I make rather good decisions that will help extend my life. Ultimately, though, I do not know how…


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Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus,

When are you coming back for your sequel? Part one was really good! You know what they say: Sequels suck! The truth is, they usually do. But of course they would suck, without "Jesus Christ Superstar". Can you tell me at least some of the plot? I can hardly wait for the End of Days myself. I heard that you are going to raise every true believer from the dead! That would be so cool and kind of gross at the same time! Is everyone going to look their old selves or…


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Human Life

In this world of craziness and of living contradictions one has to wonder if the plurality of our experiences will ever lead down to a path of monistic truth in the centuries to come. The “science” of our political limbs leave out our heads and evades the science of the whole organism and the ecology of human organisms. There is no one correct way to exist, but there are correct ways to peacefully coexist. Even if we are subconsciously driven by our desire to live, and our pro-social,…


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Crossroads: Thoughts and Impressions

We are all born in ignorance and initially live by our impressions of the world around us; ones that are influenced by our sense perceptions and the ideas that are circulating in the culture we are immersed in.  Our world at first is dimly lit and we exist as our thoughts, feelings, impressions, and perceptions. We could live our entire lives in this state of subjectivity, never knowing anything but this. We could live and die in this darkness.

It is the bad ideas, ones that are not…


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Thoughts on Freedom

One of the most liberating ideas, which is now strongly supported by science, is that we are made up entirely of atoms and that we make up the gods. These ideas precede Christianity and are liberating because it makes revealed knowledge impossible. The only way we can build knowledge is through hard work, study, science, debates, criticism, and just plain rationality; there is no easy way. One cannot just simply sit in the desert, suffer from dehydration and see visions of "The Truth" and…


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