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Why Are Atheists So Toxic?

I see this question asked by religious folk frequently. I do disagree with some of the harsher anti-religious sentiments, at least as far as tone is concerned, but I understand exactly where those attitudes come from. Christians (speaking from the USA) have a harder time seeing the hold their religion has on our society and the actual harm it can do. When they are faced with the topic of crimes and abuses committed by other Christians, I commonly hear that the perpetrators were not "true…


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It's all a trick of the mind

My sister had a religion report she had to do for school the other day. She and her partner chose to do their report on spiritualism. She said others in her class did Church of Christ, Judaism, Islam, the usual stuff. So, when it came time to present their report, she said that the people in her class asked, "Well, how do you know?" and said that, actually, "it's just a trick of your mind."

Is that so? So why is it that people can apply that logic to other people's religions (wrong…


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God the Troll

I came upon this a few minutes ago, and figured I'd share. God is the best troll ever ^_^



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God's plan, preventable deaths, and other musings

My parents are pretty confusing when it comes to their religious beliefs. Neither of them are hardcore or anything, and I think they simply believe because they never really (seriously) considered anything else. My mom usually speaks about God (when she does) in a general way, while I think my dad would be a tiny bit more "Christian-y" about it. My father can easily poke fun at Christianity and bring up silly questions (such as whether or not Jesus knew about pizza at the time he was alive,…


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"We can't live without Gods..."

"So many centuries, so many times
We were the prisoners of our own fantasy
But then we had nothing to lead our life
No, no, we can't live without Gods."


From Blind Guardian's song "Valhalla." It's a pretty true quote by itself! Some people really can't (or don't realize they can't) live without some kind of god because they feel like they would be lost without it. Either that or they'd prefer not to entertain such a possibility!

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With God, Anything is Possible!

I just remembered a funny little story from when I was in fourth grade. I sat across from a boy named Trent. I don't remember exactly what we were talking about, but at some point, Trent said, "With God, you can do anything!"


I asked, "Anything?"


"Anything!" he replied.


I thought for a moment...then asked, "Even swallow a horse whole?!"


And Trent said, "Yup, you CAN swallow a horse whole, as long as God helps…


Added by Teagraves on October 18, 2011 at 5:40am — 3 Comments

Santa's not real, kids. Pray to God for your gifts!

We're a bit far from Christmas time, but somehow the Halloween thread reminded me of this.


Every Christmas, my family gathers at my grandmother's house to eat dinner and give gifts. Some of my cousins are a bit...umm...out there, you could say. One of them made a visit with her children, which was a little surprising, since I usually don't see her on Christmas (or any other time, for that matter). My dad has a way with kids, so of course he talked to my cousin's kids and…


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