Rev Hellbound Alleee's Blog – September 2009 Archive (6)

Mondo Diablo Episode 215: Christian Pirates Rape Red Riding-Hood

Captain Hook and his crew lure young children to their boat and Shanghai them into accepting Christ with exciting tales involving pirates and dope.


Captain Hook * Intro and Pirate Theme Song

Tiny Tot Calvin * Christian Cowboy

Alleee 1

George Liberace * I'm in Love Again

Christian Pirates

Pirates 2

Kinky Boots

Frances Baskerville * The… Continue

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Harrassing letters from a guy who "cares."

This guy has been emailing me for 3 months. I started ignoring him a long time ago. He wanted to be on my show, because he is a "deacon in his church." I found he had nothing more to say, no topic, no expertise other than this church status. I declined his offer, because he only offered to talk about his "theories why atheists disbelieve in Christ." So that was that, right?

In later emails I told him we had little more to say on the subject. I was polite and conversational, and… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 214: Our Heavenly Father's Plan

This week’s clips are from an LDS (Mormon) video that explains an odd kind of epistemology: pray to God and He will tell you what you need to know. The bilge is rising. Hear a horrible song sung by a child, some Song-Poems, some mashups, and maybe even the Voice of God Herself.


Father's Plan 1


Johnny Pearson * Hummingbird

The Rave-Ons * You Put It… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 213: The Room is in da House

This podcast is dedicated to the Fine Film "The Room," Orson Welles'd by Tommy Wiseau.

Videogum article

The Onion Interview


1-Breast Cancer

Alleee 1

The Ritchie… Continue

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Episode 212: Go and Sin No More

Rev. A.A. Allen. classic tent revival preacher, faith healer and alcoholic, reminds us we can resist sin. Though he couldn't, as he died of alcohol poisoning with a level of .36.


Go and Sin 1

Alleee 1

Richard Galliano * Beritwaltz

Malcolm Yelvington * Got Me a Trumpet

Go and Sin 2

Bernie Greene * Ping-Pong

Bert Kaempfert * Chanson… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 211: Meditations on Self-Awareness with Rev. Antonio Agpaoa

From the 365 Days Project on WFMU:

Tony Agpaoa was the man called the "Father of Psychic Surgery", the practice of curing the infirmed without scalpel or drugs, but faith in God. Many of these so-called healers have been shown to use slight of hand tricks to remove cancerous tumors of pig guts and chicken blood. Agpaoa…

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