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Where Are You?

In the US, when people mention the word Libertarian, I think of Ayn Rand, …and have to fight a gag response. This to me is usually a neo-liberal/right wing/anarcho-capitalist simplification.


But, this is all relative, the word libertarian (small "L") meant an entirely different thing to my father, who also equated it with a strong sense of socially responsible governance as a means to achieve a greater good. Conservatives like to tout their "fiscally conservative" positions,…


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My first blog post, a dirty (science) joke.

From memory, I can't remember where I first read it, but it was pre-internet. All I can remember was the premise and punchline, the original author (whomever they are) should not be held responsible for anything, other than the original idea -> if it is badly told, the fault is entirely mine.

~ R


In the far future, man discovers not just a convenient means of inter-stellar space travel, but the first alien race as…


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