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A review of Polly! By Stephen Goldin

How many of us have ever known a Polly Perfect? Or, more to the point, how many of us have desperately wished it so while insisting we did? Polly is beautiful, intelligent, rich and sweet to terrible in the blink of an eye – all qualities that can quickly get a fellow into trouble if he fails to keep his feet under him. Who hasn't tread willingly into that heady fog with their organs in disarray? But the mystery is more than half the fun, so it goes that once our minds are set we are doomed -be… Continue

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Unfounded beliefs

Recently, a reader wrote about their struggles with Christianity. I have been through similar struggles myself, though I have reached a conclusion contrary to that of the former contributor. As I grew older I began to see the Old Testament more as a justification for atrocity than an account chronicling the chosen people of God. Seeking solace in the New Testament left me peering into the heart of my religion, only to find… Continue

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A bit more poetry

My last one was a little sappy, so i thought I'd go with something different. Written in 2004 after reading about one reporter's horrible experience when he got rounded up with a group of peaceful protesters. You can read the article here:



the dust of yesterday

still fills my nostrils

I'll never wake up in a good mood again

never eyes closed in the afternoon sun

but blanched white and… Continue

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A bit of poetry


Quiet pool

Still and cool

bathed in the golden light of morning

and he rises from green meadows

Gentle breeze upon the grass

Silvery light too soft to last

caressing blue daffodils in violet haze

and he lays his head in shadow

Rueful daybreak in smokey gloom

Single minded destiny and another's doom

pestilent greed, the pool is black

and he fills the skies with thunder

A hot white flash… Continue

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March of the E-Morons

Since joining this site I've been wondering what to make my first blog post about. Then just before lunch today the Jeebus Jumpers I work with sent me this little gift:


From: ***********

Sent: Friday, August 01, 2008 10:10 AM

To: Me & and a bunch of other folks

Subject: FW: untimely death

Subject: untimely death


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