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El caso del “auto tortilla”, o como nos ofendemos de las cosas más irrelevantes.

"No me llames 'beaner" p!%$* gringo puñetero!" - Molotov

Una de las noticias del momento es la serie de comentarios racistas y ofensivos (y algo estúpidos) hacia los mexicanos (estrictamente, hacia un modelo de auto producido en México) de un grupo de presentadores británicos del programa de televisión de la BBC "TOP GEAR". Estos comentarios han generado una indignación a nivel nacional y muchos compatriotas se han -metaforicamente- vestido en la bandera nacional y arrojado desde la… Continue

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Porqué cada vez que dices "medicina alopática" haces llorar a un bioquímico.

Por G.P.Plascencia

Repitan conmigo: "No existe la 'medicina alopática', solo existe la medicina moderna".

El término "medicina alópata" tiene diferentes significados dependiendo quién lo utilice; personalmente me parece correcto apropiado dividirlos en de la siguiente forma.

  • - El significado original acuñado por S. Hanemman (1755 - 1843)…

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Draw Mohammed Day / Día de 'Dibuja a Mohammed'

Mi pequeña y blasfema participación en este día.

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El rito de la "Envestidura del Compadre"

Post in spanish; translation will come later.

Quiuuubole compadre!!!

El bautismo religioso (acaso hay otro tipo?) en general se me hace ridículo, pero por otro lado el concepto del 'compadrazgo' me agrada. Si de mi' dependiera (o cuando de mi dependa), yo cambiaría la tradición del bautismo por algo que tentativamente llamaré "Envestidura del Compadre".

Mientras el bautizo para mi' es ridículo porque soy escéptico-agnóstico-ateo y no profeso ninguna… Continue

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Addendum - How as an atheist I cope with tragedy.

Previous Post:

Raquel Plascencia Fonseca: January 7th, 1946 - June 30th, 2009

My mom finally got to rest last Wensday, June 30. She had a respiratory arrest around 7:00PM after being in a coma for nearly 3 months.

In my previous post I talked about my experience during her convalescence. We are all sad about her passing on. I am sad, I miss her a lot, but I am… Continue

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How as an atheist I cope with tragedy.

My mother had a and stroke because of an aneurysm about 2 months ago. She's currently in a coma, with sever brain infarct damage and her prognosis is not good. So, what do I make of all of it? Well, thank God I am an atheist. I can't hardly think how I could cope with this better if I were religious.

More than anything, it let me be calm about this tragedy. I don't blame anyone or anything for this. I know that our bodies are imperfect, that to die is part of all living creatures,… Continue

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A young skeptic.

I being somewhat a skeptic since very young. Although my mother is catholic, she's a 'light' catholic, in the sense that she thinks that there is a god, but he hardly has something to do with the universe we live in; she's something I like to see as a catholic-colored pantheist. My father, in analogy, would be a catholic-colored agnostic, he finds comfort in the idea and is attached to the festivities, but not very religious by himself.

There is a story told by my mother that, I… Continue

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If Programming languages were Religions

This is so beatiful I just have to re-post it so I won't loose it eventually.

Text taken from:


###Original Text Follows###

C would be Judaism
- it's old and restrictive, but most of the world is familiar with its laws and respects them. The catch is, you can't convert into it - you're either… Continue

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Why the label 'atheist' bothers me a little...

A while ago I was talking to some friends and the topic about my position came up and they asked me "What do you believe in?", to which I answered that I don't 'believe', but that I think that evidence should be evaluated and yadda, yadda, yadda (skepticism)... and then, they finished saying "So, you are atheist", to which I responded "I am skeptic, therefore I am atheist". A few months ago, there was a 'Atheist Pride March' (or something around that), and I was telling a contact on… Continue

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