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“Hear No Evil” Filter for Your TV, or Voluntary Fascism?

Focus on the Family is teaming up with TVGuardian to provide clean entertainment choices for families through the TVGuardian filter, a device that eliminates objectionable language from television shows.

Penned as a “foul language filter” for HDTV’s, the device seeks to protect children not only from all foul language, but also from offensive religious slurs, sexual references, and…


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In Which I Rip Atlanta's Apologist Examiner a New One on the Topic of Christian Education

Atlanta Christian Apologetics Examiner Terrence Albritton has penned an exhortation to good Christians to consider religious education "an order," not "a luxury." This is not an uncommon belief, especially among evangelicals and the far right. It is also a major point of contention for many non-believers, who claim that (1) religious "education" is really a euphemism for indoctrination and scare tactics, and (2) Christian education doesn't achieve measurably better societal or individual… Continue

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Who's the more unreasonable Christian? Harold Camping or those who made fun of him?

In reality, nobody expected the rapture.  At least, almost nobody.  Impending doomsday theories are good lead stories, and they're fun to... well... make fun of.  And that's what everybody did.  The atheist blogosphere was full of scathing editorials.  Rapture parties were scheduled all over the country.  The Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta furnished refreshments for what turned out to be a huge event sponsored by the …


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Biblical theme park receives 40 million in tax breaks

Kentucky is quickly turning into Disneyworld for Creationists.  The state has awarded $40 million in tax incentives (tax breaks) to a proposed "Ark Experience."  The project will include a full-sized wooden ark, an aviary, and curiously... a "replica" of the Tower of Babel.

Set to open in 2014, the park will cost approximately $150 million.  "Governor Steve Beshear announced his support of the…


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What is the "Atheist Agenda?"

"Atheist Agenda" is a scary sounding term to a lot of people. To some, it conjures up images of burning churches and outlawing the ownership of Bibles. To others, it's a bit less sinister, but still sounds like a concerted attempt to take away people's sense of identity as people of faith.

In light of recent examples of the "Religious Agenda," such as Gwinnett County's own Mountain Park First Baptist's blatant and repeated attempts to lead public school children in prayer, it's… Continue

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Atlanta Church violates schoolchildren's rights... repeatedly. After being told to stop.

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A parent’s complaint and action by Gwinnett County school officials has apparently not stopped volunteers at a church from asking students to pray before a test. A parent contacted Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh on Wednesday and said it happened to her son twice before he took an exam at a local church. Thursday a student told Kavanaugh it happened again, despite intervention by school officials.

Plagued with overcrowding problems, Parkview… Continue

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American Atheist Christmas Billboard

I've written an opinion piece on my blog, Life Without a Net, concerning the upcoming Lincoln Tunnel Billboard ad being put up by American Atheists. I think it's a good idea, but I think there's a better way to do it. Celebrating reason is great, but there's a much more "organic" and historically relevant way we can take back Christmas. Read all about it HERE.…


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I've written a piece at Life Without a Net about heaven. For any of you folks who enjoy discussions with Christians, you might find this a helpful tool for re-framing and thinking critically about the concept of heaven and hell. Here's an excerpt:


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Faith Healings

A reader writes:

How do you explain healing again? Here's a video of Delia Knox being healed. And at…


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Open Letter to Rev. James J Scahill


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My Demons

Until the late 1970s, belief in demon possession was on its way out. "The Exorcist" changed all that, which is unfortunate, because it's one of my favorite horror movies ever, and I hate to think that it contributed to the insanity I see around me today. But sadly, the far…


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The Story of Easter

I recently finished a three part blog entry telling a seldom heard version of the Easter Story. I think you'll enjoy it. Here's an excerpt:…


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