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Germany The Land of Discrimination

Even after 2 years in Germany I'm still shocked by how discrimination is integrated into the German culture and laws,

Your shock starts when you arrive and get bombarded by questions in  official forms which ask you about your Faith example: the Work Agency "Agentur für Arbeit" forms

I attended a course on how to write the German CV AKA Lebenslauf, and that was a very disturbing time:

Mandatory things in the German CV: your photo, your country of birth, your Gender, your…


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The day I ran into a burning Building which was my officebuilding

My Story Part 2

This series is not told in a chronological order but this is one of my first encounters with concrete danger in Syria during the first months of the war.

My bad luck landed me into working in the local TV station in the south of Syria, a TV station that had no political programs just boring talk shows and ”entertainment” which I was forced to endure 8 hours a day all day every day even on holidays.

I was the Supervisor Engineer/Technician and the deputy of this…


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My story Part 1

I will tell my story to complete strangers because  I have no one else to tell it to:

After having a near death experience for the 9th time I decided to stop playing Russian Roulette with my life and leave Syria. 

I was in Damascus at that time, all my papers were in Daraa, and sadly, the Army had the city under siege while the rebels were bombing it nonstop.

I managed to get my family out of it (parents and sister).


All my papers were in my…


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Germany is a non secular Country part 2

Any outsider who comes to Germany will be amazed by how foreign this country is, it is the center of Europe yet it had its own unique characters, sadly it is still heavily influenced by Christianity:

1- In many countries (Syria for example)it is illegal for a political party to be religious based but not in Germany where you have parties like:  Christian Democratic Union of Germany and  Christian Social Union in Bavaria

2-schools teach religion to its…


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Turkey blocks website of its first atheist association, So why Turkey is still praised for its "freedom" by the American media?

It took less than a year for a Turkish court to block the website of the country’s first official atheism association.

The Atheism Association, the first of its kind in any Muslim-majority country, was officially founded in Istanbul’s Asian-side neighborhood of Kadıköy in April 2014. However, the Gölbaşı 2nd Civil Court of Peace in Ankara has finally moved to block the association’s website,…


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