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God has evolved!

Have you noticed how believers insist on the fact that God has changed since the Old Testament? Supposedly the God from the New Testament is kinder, better, more loving than the one from the Old Testament. They really insist on this. I understand their embarrassment, but there is absolutely no message from God, no sacred text, no nothing that has been found engraved on some stone in some cave or delivered on some hill by an angel that tells us that God has softened his touch since the Old… Continue

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Are you curious or just scared?

I’m so naive. For a while I actually thought that we simply didn’t agree on how the universe was created. I used to think, well, I believe in the big bang theory proven overwhelmingly by science, while “believers” believe some god created the universe. We just have different explanations of why we’re here. Why not? I should respect that!

Then, I realized that’s not what it is. You don’t give a damn about how the universe was created. You’re not that curious. As a matter of fact… Continue

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What kind of father is HE anyway?

Raccoons, rats, sharks and flat worms find their food in nature. All they have to do is find it and take it. Most of them succeed, since as far as I know those species have existed for millions of years and are still with us today. So it’s fair to say that a large number of…


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Your God doesn't need your love!

I was told by a woman that “her God was madly in love with her”.

What kind of supernatural, omnipotent, all-powerful creature, other than the one living in your imagination, would fall “in love” with humans?

That mighty, all-knowing Being who supposedly created all the known universe with billions of galaxies in it....loves us? That amazing being loves me and needs my love? Me? A human whose body is degenerating by the minute, who has a very narrow and incomplete vision of… Continue

Added by Philippe on March 10, 2010 at 6:51pm — 3 Comments

A Loving God?

Let’s assume there is a “God” - with a capital “G”. Let's assume that, like any good person of faith, you believe that God created the world and everything in it. Now, take a really good look at the world around you. What does it tell you about your God? Do you truly believe a supreme being full of love built it? Look at the way life is organized on this planet. Watch the evening news. Check out the latest offering on Animal Planet. Stop in at the natural history museum. Your loving and… Continue

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So here we are talking and suddenly you feel uncomfortable with my arguments and you retreat behind your favorite barricade. Faith. You have faith. I don't.

It’s a matter of faith, you keep saying. Nothing else. You say that I don't believe because I don't have faith. I always end up asking, “What is faith?” And you invariably tell me, “Well, it’s when you believe!” “Ah,” I say, “so why do you believe?” “Well, because we have faith - that’s why we believe and you… Continue

Added by Philippe on February 12, 2010 at 7:20am — 10 Comments

I know how it started

I’ve always wondered, “When did humans realize they were mortal?”

Were we Australopithecus? Homo erectus? Or did we have to wait until we were fully Homo sapiens?

Imagine a small group of early humans. What did they think was happening when one of them was killed by a predator and became “something” that resembled the very same meat they had for dinner last night! What did they think? Did they consciously tell themselves “we are just mobile meat waiting to be killed… Continue

Added by Philippe on February 5, 2010 at 6:46am — 3 Comments

About that pact with the Devil that Haiti made!

In case some of you really believe that Robertson is that senile. He's not. He's desperate.

Pat Robertson has absolutely nothing against Haiti.

He needs to solve a big problem with his religion and his god and he must be pro-active in countering the questions that any minister is feeling coming at him or her.

Here's the problem religious leaders have:

The God of the New Testament is said and pushed to the People as a loving, compassionate and… Continue

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Do we have any proof that praying actually works? If it’s true that God is omnipotent, all-knowing and all-present, what’s the point of praying? Shouldn't He already know what you most urgently need and want? Or is He the kind of God who needs to be begged and implored?

Have you noticed what people pray for? Look at the ridiculous spectacle of a football team praying to win? God cares about football? The creator of billions of galaxies cares about football? If God didn’t intervene… Continue

Added by Philippe on January 30, 2010 at 5:33pm — 2 Comments

What I believe

I believe that:

There is absolutely no grandeur and no beauty in being some supernatural creature's project, whether it's a God or some other entity.

Because I know you're an ephemeral creature and you’re going to die, you’re infinitely precious to me. If you were just an immortal soul inhabiting a body, you’d be expendable. Why would I care about you if I know you are a soul that will live forever? If I'd know you were immortal your suffering wouldn’t be a… Continue

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