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More Insanity

So my boyfriend left me. I know! I'm a catch, but apparently I'm not what he wants. Okay, that's fine. I'm kind of a mess lately. I find bathing and eating tedious and work is a major escape for me. If I'm busy being nice to old ladies, I don't think about how I'm all alone and he doesn't love me. Talking about it is like picking at a scab and it bleeds and I know that one day...one day I'll peel back the scab and there will be a little pink layer that doesn't bleed and maybe I'll be marked…


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Off my chest

There isn't much of a point to this... I am having a hard day today. I've been under a lot of physical stress from my job as I've been working nights and for whatever reason my hormones kick on whenever I'm stressed and I start bleeding. This is also week three without smoking and I'm going to visit my mom later today who is dying of cancer... it's funny, when I typed that I just typed "my mom" instead of my parents. My poor dad.

I need to do something with dad. I am…


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I'm not usually for theist bashing but I can't help but secretly think that those who believe in god are stupid. Christian friend (CF): How do you know god isn't real? Me: A lack of supporting evid…

I'm not usually for theist bashing but I can't help but secretly think that those who believe in god are stupid.

Christian friend (CF): How do you know god isn't real?

Me: A lack of supporting evidence.

CF: I have supporting evidence!

Me: Do tell?

CF: Creation

It is all I can do when someone provides such a crap argument not to ... I don't know .... Shake them really hard? I don't want to hurt or brainwash anyone but…


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I had an interesting discussion at work with the new girl. She said something about the house being creepy and I said that it is even creepier in the dark. She said, "no way! I bet it's haunted" and I told her that a lot of people think so. She asked if I thought the house was haunted.

When I told her no, she asked why the house would not be haunted (I work at an old folks home and it is a big house with lots of rooms and many people have died there - woooOOOOOoooo)…


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I talked to my boyfriend Scott's mother this morning. She had seen me on facebook and called later on when I told her we'd be home, but Scott was not up yet so I chatted with her for a while.

Scott's parents are deeply christian but they are a type of christian I find mostly tolerable. While their deity and church activities are a focal point in their lives, they don't actively push their beliefs on other people. When his mom or dad talks about god or church or praying…


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There are stereotypes about you no matter what your demographic.

I'm a female, white, middle class, college student, healthcare worker in her mid twenties. I'm also a nearly life long sufferer of depression, an ex smoking daughter of a lung cancer patient and a girlfriend to a smoker. I'm an atheist who borders on anti-theist at times as well as a bit…


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Draw Mohammed Day

Now, some people might think my depiction of the prophet Mohammed is disrespectful, to which I say, "suck it". I don't care what muslims think, nor am I afraid of them - that's the message of this image. Why is he being crucified? I thought it appropriate. To me, it represents the persecution complex. Draw your own conclusions. It's really just a doodle.

I don't care if you are offended by a doodle and I don't care if you think I'm…


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I recently opened the proverbial door to an apologist I'd met via email. He seemed reasonable so when he said he thought he had some solid reasons for belief I agreed to listen but after seeing a general outline of his lines of evidence for the existence of god, I broke it off. It was all the same apologetics you've ever read and I was like *yawn* I told him that I'd heard it all before, read the counter arguments and done some thinking before we'd ever met and found what he considered…


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Aliens exist?

When I posted on my other diary about the movie The Fourth Kind an atheist friend of mine was like, "Oh I'm never going to Nome, alienz will get me!"

I responded with an incredulous "how much pot do you smoke?" and a list of reasons I don't think it's a factual story any more than DIsney's Pocahantas was a factual story. He got pissed and started calling me a brainwashed idiot. All of a sudden I am dumb and "can't think" because I don't believe it was real. Then he said he was…


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Layer 07: Meditations

I'm sorry if this is all rather vague.

Today I am Lain. I am Gulliver. I am a weary traveller in a strange world. I don't understand much and I am tired of hearing the noise of all these voices giving conflicting explanations. Today I don't care about understanding it. I'm tired of trying to defend why I don't believe in magic. In a nutshell it is this: Magic is science we don't understand…


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I have finally figured out why jesus did his zombie routine two thousand years ago rather than in more modern times. Speaking for myself and likely many others; If one of my friends died, was buried and then came back for a visit a few days later, I would've screamed, "AHHHH! IT'S THE ZOMBIE… Continue

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Objective Morality

As a nurse I'm supposed to treat the people and not judge them, right? Sometimes I have trouble holding to that. When there's a mother who did a bunch of drugs and fucked up her baby who is now in the NICU and about to be discharged as a ward of the state ... and this is the third kid ... how can I not? I am not saying I wouldn't treat them but I am not going to not judge them even if my profession forbids voicing my opinion.

There are some things that are just freaking…

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Stages of Grief: Anger

My mom is an alcoholic who is dying of lung cancer. She's always been somewhat religious but her admission of being an alcoholic some years ago prompted a full blown return of her previous christian beliefs. Now you pretty much can't be around her for more than an hour without her mentioning how helpful g0d has been in coping with her addiction. When she was diagnosed with cancer, her church attendance/devotion to her faith redoubled.

When I get think about it I get furious…

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Clinic Hours

This is an issue I may or may not have visited in the past here but I'm not inclined to look at old posts. I just don't have anywhere else to put these thoughts.

As an atheist who works as a nurse I am in a unique position with clients. You would be shocked at how often prayer, god and religious rituals come up. People tend to mention god more often when they're in the hospital that's for sure. I don't mind - whatever helps you cope, right?

I run into a problem…


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Vitamin G

I had a wonderful opportunity last night while watching Glenn Beck with my parents to speak out.

In Chicago an honor student was beaten to death with railroad ties by two fighting gangs. The whole thing was caught on video and you could see some of the kids barely even noticed what was going on or at least they didn't seem to care. Glenn showed the video and then got all serious on us, saying "What has happened to this country!?"

Guess what his answer was? You guessed it -… Continue

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Bill of Non Rights - Responses

This morning I got one of those stupid conservative emails from a classmate. She is always sending me crap like this and it's frankly starting to get on my nerves. Unfortunately I don't feel it is 'safe' to respond to it as I'd like. I needed to vent so I'm posting it here. My responses are in bold.


This is probably the best e-mail I've seen in a long, long time. The following has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from… Continue

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Long Silence - Updates

I really haven't had much to say here. Sometimes it seems like there's so many social networking sites it's almost impossible to keep all the passwords straight and breaking into a new one seems like a lot of work. Today however I have things to talk about that are most appropriate in a theist-free zone.

Last night I had a dream that some of my best atheist friends changed their minds and started believing in g0d. It was extremely uncomfortable. I think it all ties in with some… Continue

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Discussions with Theists

I'm a nursing student with an education that covers the basics of chemistry, physics (hs level), microbiology, anatomy, psychology, history (world and US), government, math (though calculus), english (advanced) and ethics (301).

I do not have any degrees (yet) and as I mentioned I am working on a degree to get my license as a practicing RN.

I'm an atheist.

What all this boils down to is that I do not have a degree in physics, evolutionary biology or theology. I… Continue

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Sound and Fury

Everywhere I go - everywhere - I am surrounded by the din of "g0d, g0d, g0d" at every turn. I can't not hear it, I can't turn it off. It drives me crazy. Even just now in the commons I hear a conversation going on a few seats over about how we need a savior, about how gawd will help you, about how you need christ and blah, blah, blah... It's a private conversation, nothing harmful but... I wish I could go for one whole day without hearing or reading about g0d. That is the root of my… Continue

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My Favorite Curse

This morning I was watching Inside the Actors Studio. Dave Chappell was guest hosting interviewing ... James Lipton. I don't know why I don't watch ITAS more often - I really enjoy the show whenever I watch it. Interesting facts I learned include: Lipton was a 'manager' for a prostitute during his time in Paris as a youth; he was reading at age one and a half; his dad was a hippy; he wanted to be a lawyer and got into acting to pay the bills; he is an atheist.

Oh, and his favorite… Continue

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