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There are stereotypes about you no matter what your demographic.

I'm a female, white, middle class, college student, healthcare worker in her mid twenties. I'm also a nearly life long sufferer of depression, an ex smoking daughter of a lung cancer patient and a girlfriend to a smoker. I'm an atheist who borders on anti-theist at times as well as a bit…


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Draw Mohammed Day

Now, some people might think my depiction of the prophet Mohammed is disrespectful, to which I say, "suck it". I don't care what muslims think, nor am I afraid of them - that's the message of this image. Why is he being crucified? I thought it appropriate. To me, it represents the persecution complex. Draw your own conclusions. It's really just a doodle.

I don't care if you are offended by a doodle and I don't care if you think I'm…


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I recently opened the proverbial door to an apologist I'd met via email. He seemed reasonable so when he said he thought he had some solid reasons for belief I agreed to listen but after seeing a general outline of his lines of evidence for the existence of god, I broke it off. It was all the same apologetics you've ever read and I was like *yawn* I told him that I'd heard it all before, read the counter arguments and done some thinking before we'd ever met and found what he considered…


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Aliens exist?

When I posted on my other diary about the movie The Fourth Kind an atheist friend of mine was like, "Oh I'm never going to Nome, alienz will get me!"

I responded with an incredulous "how much pot do you smoke?" and a list of reasons I don't think it's a factual story any more than DIsney's Pocahantas was a factual story. He got pissed and started calling me a brainwashed idiot. All of a sudden I am dumb and "can't think" because I don't believe it was real. Then he said he was…


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Layer 07: Meditations

I'm sorry if this is all rather vague.

Today I am Lain. I am Gulliver. I am a weary traveller in a strange world. I don't understand much and I am tired of hearing the noise of all these voices giving conflicting explanations. Today I don't care about understanding it. I'm tired of trying to defend why I don't believe in magic. In a nutshell it is this: Magic is science we don't understand…


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