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Merry Christmas Atheists!

In an attempt to catch the seasonal spirit today, I watched a video on the history and pagan origins of Christmas (linked here, that began like fairly normal documentary but went a bit bat shit Christian at the end.

Most of the history in the film I had learned in school, so it wasn't new information to me. But it really made me think, considering almost every aspect of what we now know as Christmas was stolen… Continue

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Intersting Pratchett Quotes

So, I've started to read the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.  I've began with the City Watch novels, and am only two books deep and already hooked. I wanted to post a quote from Guards! Guards!, but then many other interesting parts came to mind, so I thought I'd put them in a blog.

"The Supreme Grand Master smiled in the depths of his robes. It was amazing, this mystic business. You tell them a lie, and then when you don't need it anymore you tell them another lie and…


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I'm never getting a Smart Phone

Slowly but surely over the last few years I've watched as, one by one, everyone of my friends fall into mere husks of their former selves. They've been enslaved, you see. With the slightest peep from their new masters they all spring into action like obedient dogs, what could their mobile phone want? What does it need from me? The flat of their hands now hold their undying attention. When they finally look up - distracted by something uncomfortable, like the sound of a non electronic voice…


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Am I the ONLY one who didn't like Dark Knight Rises!?


Seriously, I can't even find someone who will admit it was shit but they liked it anyway, everyone I meet genuinely considers this film to be brilliant. I just don't get it. They act completely mortified when I confess my sheer bemusement at the success of this movie. How could you have liked it? It was a Batman film without Batman in it.

Okay, he was in it, but not if you were blinking at the wrong time. Even though this is the third instalment of a Batman…


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It's September at Last... Merry Christmas Everyone!

2012, the year of the London Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and, of course, the year the phrase, “Christmas come early,” stopped meaning anything. It stopped meaning anything because Christmas couldn’t really come any earlier without bumping into the summer holidays.  People may realize how Christmas time seems to arrive a bit sooner every year, but if you work in a shop, as I do, it officially starts several months before winter, and it’s getting bigger.

When I was a kid,…


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Police tell Man he should take down Atheist Sign

   I read in the papers (which probably means this isn't even true, but hey) a couple of weeks ago about a man who put up a sign in his front room window that read, "Religions are Fairy Tales for Grown Ups." (or something to the same tune) The article went on to say that the police have not YET ordered him to take it down, but have advised him he probably should.

   Now, I don't hugely like the idea of Atheists putting up signs like this as it seems like something a Christian would…


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Things I don't like about Theists

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about theists that make me dislike them. I use the term “believers” instead of theist because this is more about followers of organized religion rather than, say, a deist or spiritualist. I realize that I’m attacking a straw man theist of my own creation, but it is one based on the behavior and attitudes of real believers from hundreds of religious debates I’ve watched on youtube. Also, in the interest of fairness, I plan to right a similar list about what I…


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My Muslim Friend and Homophobia

The city of Cardiff, where I live, has a large Somali population, almost all of whom are Muslim. I went to university with a Somali guy, whose name I won’t say for reasons that will become obvious, who I became friends with. He wasn’t the best at adhering to his doctrines, I would often see him eat or drink things that a good Muslim shouldn’t, but he was a good person. Without wanting to say too much about him, he is an actor and got a part in a BBC drama playing a gay character. The program…


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Not all Men Like Sports!

Attention Men!

If you think about “the game” excessively after it’s over, think you’re an expert on your sport when really you’re just a big fan, start arguments and discuss theories with other like minded men, explain rules and situations from your game to people who have absolutely no interest in sports, I just want you to know, YOU’RE A FUCKING NERD!

I’m fucking sick of all these sport geeks babbling constantly about football players, or…


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Offensive Plays and their Offensive Words

 When I was in uni some friends and I went to see a truly dreadful play called “The Son, The Lover, and The Holy Spin,” It starred two people, a young blonde woman with the emotional articulation of a sea sponge but far less absorbing, and a young man in a wheelchair. I’m not sure what ailment he suffered from, but it wasn’t that his legs just didn’t work or were amputated, they were small and misshapen. He spent the play both in the chair and hand-walking on the floor with…


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Sometimes I feel like Atheism makes me a dick...

 In the place I work, or indeed anywhere I have ever worked, I’ve always assumed that I would be different, not differently treated, but just different from the rest of the staff because of my Atheism. I have never experienced this, ever, so this feeling is unfounded, but it’s there all the same.

 The worst I’ve ever come across in my strange CV is when I was a student, and applied for the job of Christmas Santa in Clinton Cards store in Cardiff, and was asked in the interview…


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On Halloween night a couple of years ago, whilst walking home from a party dressed as a handsome devil, I came across a man who had never heard of Halloween before. He had literally just arrived in the country that night to discover that Britain was full of fancy dressed drunkenness, unseasonably scantily clad ladies and way to many Heath Ledger costumes. Culture shock is a bitch.

The dude came up to me, big silly grin on his face, pointed at a witch snogging a somewhat out of date… Continue

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Tax Religion in the UK! Sign the Petition!

Tax religion in the UK! Sign the petition!


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Evil Puppets

When I was a little boy in Primary (elementary) school, I remember every once in a while we would be called into a special assembly. It was only every couple of months, maybe three times a year, but it was a day we, the children, would always be excited about. They were our favourite days. On special assembly day a travelling puppet theatre troupe would come and entertain us, it would take up all morning and would always have us rolling around with laughter. There were two puppet masters, a…


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Youth Unemployment in the UK

The unemployment rate for 16-23 year olds is the highest it's been in a generation in the UK, with record numbers of university graduates and school levers going straight on the doll. Even though this feels like a fairly recent news story, caused by raised tuition fees and extensive cuts implamented or planned by the fairly new coalition government, it really has been a growing problem for many years now. I graduated university in the year 2009, which, at the time, was considered the worst…


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