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So, I HATE group punishment and my professor did just that a few days ago. Keep in mind he's a Veteran. So I write an essay a little larger than 500 words and turn it into him about how group punishment is not only unfair but unjust when he has flawless evidence that a few in the group have done nothing but what is in the right. And so he calls me up after class to talk about this and goes on about how it was disrespectful and things.... which I did not curse but okay, I can see where he… Continue

Added by Christina Crowder on November 24, 2009 at 9:54pm — 1 Comment

Still horridly upset

(See prior article to explain title and excuse the poem, but it'll help me.)

(This was a spin off to one of my favorite songs called Boy With a Coin by Iron and Wine. It was playing today on shuffle and this idea just came to me. If you listen to the song you can get the tone of the poem.)

Boy with a coin and boy with a gun

Winner goes to Heaven and now God has won

For Satan never wins a fight in the clouds

Of a murders, vile saved one of the… Continue

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Rantings of a baby-eating, saten-spawn

Why does it hurt so much to look at a Christian, but cause me to break down when a long time friend turns to Christianity because of neglect and a pessimistic, depressive attitude at life?

Does this hurt because the Holy Spirit is trying to make me see God in my life and is letting me know how wrong I am in life by not doing this?


I'm a human and I care. I care that my friend has to rely on faith and not truth, God can agree with that one. What… Continue

Added by Christina Crowder on November 24, 2009 at 1:40am — 1 Comment



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