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Trying to comment on religious posts on youtube.

I took up one of the links on A/N and wandered of into religious la la land. One uploader got my goat a little so i tried to reply in a reasoned way, like you do. He has uploaded a number of videos but the two I attempted to take him to task for were one about trying to make Noah's Ark explainable through science and reason (I know WTF straight away), and the other trying to assert Atheists have a dogma and are comparable to Nazis. So I brought up the matter of the Catholic church's…


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I simply did not know where to post this, and i don't know if you've seen it before.

Having been brought up by Catholics i find the similarities between the behaviour patterns in all three Abrahamic faiths seriously, seriously disturbing. I'm just going to put up a link i found in Jihad Watch from 2006 not knowing if it's old news. Even so as the goatherders begin to force sharia law upon this country it is perhaps even more relative today. Incisive, scholarly and a very thought provoking discussion.… Continue

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The inconvenience of history.

The reason the Abrahamic triumvirate commits genocide against stone age tribes ie: Australia's aboriginals, is because it eradicates our history as well. We too were hunter gatherers as well and in the attempted cultural and in many cases actual genocide of such peoples covers this up from a historical perspective. I really do not know the bible that well but as far as i understand it do they not go from Adam and Eve to extant agricultural and urban societies in a couple of chapters. So…


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A Bedtime Story For Evolutionists And All Other Non-Believers.

If as I am proposing that somewhere in our history we were a non rotating orbiting planet. Could I not take this opportunity to add a dash of imagination to the proceedings and take you to a land far far away where the moon was the cause of mass species extinction.

Now children if we're sitting comfortably Mother's hour is about to begin.

So; once upon a time we had a globe with one land mass upon it. Now we all know what happens to mass on a rotating object do you remember going to… Continue

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