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while in a scary time with our son in the hospital, my mom asked me if "I prayed for him" I hesitated and said: "no, I did not believe in prayer, that it was science that would help my son". I then wrote a long letter to my immediate family informing them of my lack of belief and why. It has went smooth thus far and I feel so good to be open with my thoughts. I even changed my facebook from church of the fonz to athiest:)

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My childs name is "Addox" and he is a 4 year old living with hydrocephalus. He is very high functioning and a very active kid. We are going through a tough time with him right now in regards to 3 brain surgeries in 1 month and we are currently in childrens hospital awaiting another that will hopefully fix him! I am an athiest that believes prayer is not beneficial at all, but allow family and facebookers to pray because we know they mean well. However, we have been flooded with pastors from…


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