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New Reviews

I've put up a couple of new reviews, from Goodreads readers, of my atheism-themed novel The Holy Family.

Have a look!

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Les Mistheologies

Here's a new blog post from yours truly:

A Boston Globe columnist by the name of Jennifer Graham has recently fallen under the spell of the theatrical and movie musical of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel Les Misérables. For some reason she has chosen to mark her love of the show by picking a fight with “professional atheists” . . . READ IT HERE

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Thanksgiving Day: an excerpt from The Holy Family

Thanksgiving Day: an excerpt from “The Holy Family” by Alan Michael Wilt. #AtheistNovel #religion #atheism #writing

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Spanking Good

One element of my novel The Holy Family, which explores the nature of religious belief and unbelief, is a controversial painting of Mary, Joseph, and the infant Jesus. In the novel, the painting is the work of the…


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A Rockin' Review of My Novel

I'm very pleased to have received the following review of my novel, "The Holy Family," from novelist Larry Baker. Please check it out--I'd love to hear from atheist readers. :-)

"When I got a copy of Alan Michael Wilt's novel, The Holy Family, I wondered if I would be interested in reading it. At first I was merely intrigued by the title and the incongruous picture of a…


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New Novel with Atheist Theme

I'd like to share the news that my novel, "The Holy Family," is now available in paperback and digital editions.

Dale McGowan, author of the forthcoming "Atheism for Dummies," had this to say about "The Holy Family": "'The Holy Family' is a rich and engrossing story, elegant and moving. Though it…


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The New Revised Catechlysm is Now Available!

I'd like to introduce anyone who is interested to a cool and funny book I worked on as a freelance editor and which is now out on the market. The New Revised Catechlysm is a parody of the old Baltimore Catechism, and of the Catholic worldview in general. It'll be appreciated especially by ex- and…


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Autobiography: Selections from Letters Received

From the "Department of Things You Find When You Clean the Basement"--not atheism-related, but part of my history:

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Cheap Plastic Pearls

Not so long ago I attended a baptism at a Catholic church. Try as I might, I still can’t forget the little illustrative story the priest told as part of his performance of the ritual.

The gist of the story is this: A father and his little daughter, Emily, go into one of those “dollar stores.” . . .

Read the rest at AMW's World of Fame, Shame, and Getting in the Game. . . .

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The Seven Deadly Sins Have Never Been More Fun

Click here for a post about "Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better," starring Mark Watson, Tim Minchin, and Tim Key, at AMW's World of Fame, Shame, and Getting in the Game.

(Too hot and tired to re-post here; a link is easier!)

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Climatologists on the Run

Science writer Chet Raymo, whose daughter is a climate scientist, writes in his blog today:

I read recently that leading Australian climate scientists have been moved from place to place to protect them against threats on their lives, so deep is the wrath of climate change deniers.

Read the rest here.

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I urge folks to read Gary Laderman's latest at Religion Dispatches: ‘Republicanity’ — The GOP Transformation is Nearly Complete.

Laderman begins:

"Let’s just face the facts and not kid ourselves anymore. Yes, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee… er, tea: The Republican Party is no longer a political party—it’s a full-fledged religious movement."…


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Rob and Mother Bernadette Mary

Here's a new post from my blog, AMW's World of Fame, Shame, and Getting in the Game:


My iPod seemed to be making a point of shuffling songs by Sinéad O’Connor into my ears the other day as I took my hour-long walk around the high school track. Earlier, a friend on Facebook had mentioned O’Connor in a status update. So I got to thinking about Sinéad and her hardly typical career as a singer and songwriter.



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