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        Just what does it mean to be an atheist?  Richard Dawkins proposed a sliding scale of theistic probability:

  1. Strong theist. 100 per cent probability of God. In the words of C.G. Jung: "I do not believe, I know."
  2. De Facto theist. Very high probability but short of 100 per cent. "I don't know for certain, but I strongly believe in God and live my life on the assumption that he is…

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Philosophy and Science Revisited

One often hears that philosophy deals with "why" questions, whereas science deals with "how."  Some philosophers will say that science can never answer why we exist or why the universe came into being.          

        But "why" questions are often in reality "how" questions.  Futhermore, not all "why" questions are meaningful in that they presuppose "purpose" that may not exist.  It is meaningless to pick up a rock and ask, "why is this rock?".   Most "why" questions can be broken down… Continue

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