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I believed

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book "Exodus From Zion" by Angie Jackson.

I tried to cast a demon out of myself, in my bed in the early evening. I was wrestling yet again with depression and thoughts of suicide. My grandmother put a lot of stock in naming demons - if you knew its name, you could have dominion over it. I was 16 and anorexic and I hated myself. That's it - Self-Hatred! I sat up in bed and began to command the demon to come out of… Continue

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Faith-Based "Fuck You"

My son and I struggle with hunger, like 1 in 8 Americans. Since I got laid off in February we've struggled. All the social services in my state (Florida) are out of money at this point - you call and ask for help and they say "Try again next month." It's discouraging. So I swallowed my nontheist pride and shamelessly whored myself out to every church in town, begging for things like food and help wtih my electricity.

You wanna know what the majority of these 501(c)3 non-profit… Continue

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If the Bible Was True: A Case *for* Fundamentalism

I was raised pretty damn fundamentalist. In fact, we looked at churches like Saddleback and thought "Pff! They aren't TRUE believers." Frankly, we didn't have much respect for people who didn't take their faith seriously enough to entertain the notion of drinking a little poison now and again or handling venomous snakes. I mean, come ON - the Bible says if you really have faith you can do it and not be harmed!

Actually Christians and atheists all seem to agree on one thing: My… Continue

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"Pointless Numbers"

I've got a secret

And you're dying to know

I'm not as pretty as you think

Would you love me if you knew me,

All my ugly, dirty parts?

Thirty by twenty-three

Figures you won't understand

And poetry you won't know how to read

Two hundred to eight hundred

One hundred twenty-nine

All the pointless numbers

All my desperate lies

Trying to love myself

Trying to destroy myself

I've got a secret

And you're just dying to… Continue

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OCD & Religious Belief

I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. The short description of this condition is having obsessive thoughts that get looped in my brain and won't go away, unless I perform a compulsive act, called a ritual. One well-known form of OCD is germophobia. The affected person has obsessive thoughts about germs, about being sick, about contaminating others, etc. and has to wash hands in a ritualistic way. For me this means using lotion soap, followed by foaming soap (gets under the nails better) and if… Continue

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Atheist Experience

I was on last night's episode - the second to last caller. Check it out!

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Zion Births

[The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book Exodus from Zion. Once the manuscript is completed, I'll be making an announcement if anyone would like to purchase a copy of the published book.]

Each birth was different, but births were always the same. A phone call. A scramble to pack up Bible, oils, and grandkids. My older brother and sister were attending public school the year the baby ministry was at its zenith. So I would go with Giggy, with my coloring book… Continue

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