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German Baptist Wedding

I attended my first German Baptist wedding yesterday, and it was quite the experience.

German Baptists in my north-central part of Indiana are a mix of old and new ways of living. They drive vehicles and have cell phones, but don't own televisions, for example. The women put their hair up in bonnets and wear long dresses. The men all have beards and wear black.

Lorene, the bride, has worked on my farm for 6 years (along with several other GB girls). So she invited me to her…


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My dog, Dot, tags along when I go on long walks on county roads. She often gets distracted in her curiosity. The other day, she fell behind and never caught up. Since I went around the 4 mile block, I didn't see her on my return. I waited all day for her to come trotting home.

About 6 hours later, a young lady knocked on my door and asked if I'd lost a dog. There Dot was in the back seat of her small car. Relief! The lady asked her neighbors (in a small town of about 100 people over a…


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Farmers Markets

This post has nothing to do with atheism, and it doesn't fit into any group. So I'll just add it here.

As some of you may know, my daughter and her husband (Emily and Nate) operate an organic vegetable (mostly) farm. Tillable land is about 100 acres, so it's fairly large.

For close to 10 years they've been taking their produce to farmers markets on Saturday mornings. They started with one, then expanded to three. They're back to one, and after this year, there will be… Continue

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How Not To Die

Just a little over a year ago I wrote a blog entitled "The Big Fat Surprise", in response to a book of the same title that basically said eating fatty products--bacon and such--was not so bad for you afterall (i.e., the Adkins diet). It seemed to be well documented. I shouted HURRAH!  I also read Wheat Belly, which wants us to stop eating grains, whole or not. Another decision.

Alas, woe is me--confused and distraught. Upon reading Dr.…


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There, but for...

As an atheist, a lot of little things bother me-- two, in particular.

How often, after a tragedy of some sort, do we hear "Our thoughts and prayers are with the families"? How inane is that sentence? Yes, I realize it's meant to be wellmeaning and supportive, but is it really necessary? What else can be said? I heard it many times after my father died last month. I inwardly cringed and said thank you. But I wanted so much to say, please don't pray for me. 

Far worse than that…


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For nearly all my adult years (>50),  I've been told to eat what was recommended to be the most healthy foods and avoid the "bad guys". No to whole milk. No butter. No red meats. No eggs. White poultry meat only. Eat lots of grains and carbohydrates.

We've been duped into believing that eating fat makes you fat, and that a high fat diet increases cholesterol numbers which in turn leads to heart diseases. No proof, just common sense. For 50 years the American Academy of Pediatrics…


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Baseball: Yawn

I tried, really tried, to watch most of the World Series. After all, it's supposedly the national pasttime, whatever that means. Hot dogs, apple pie, and all that jazz. But, my goodness, it's paint-drying boring. 

For evidence as to how much I cared, in a one run game, last night, I went to bed after 8 innings. Like the last 2 minutes of a football game, I figured it would take at least 45 minutes to finish the game. Besides, my team (K.C., in this case) usually loses (witness Chi…


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The Life of a Non-conformist

While short of being referred to as a curmudgeon, it's been called to my attention that I'm a non-conformist. Naturally, most atheists are categorized as evil non-c's. In a sense, we're rebels.

I've never thought of myself as any one of those. It's not on purpose that I'm "different". Perhaps, it's just a part of my personality. I can blame it on genetic predisposition or something, but I won't. That's not fair to my parents (both believers in god, by the way).



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Life is Good

This post has nothing to do with religion (or lack thereof), politics, or anything controversial. I'm not hawking a book, pushing a cause, or bragging about my golf score.

What this blog IS about is simply a statement of happiness, satisfaction, and contentment with my life.

I'm one of the lucky ones. No, I'm not "blessed". I don't "thank god". I'm just fortunate, that's all.

My life at the moment is good. Actually, it's always been good (Okay, 95% good). I'm… Continue

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The Parthenon Enigma

8 months ago (Oct. 2013) I was gazing at the wondrous spectacle known as the Parthenon sitting atop the Acropolis hill in Athens, Greece. I roamed the sites and toured the amazing museum. I tried to appreciate what I was seeing, but my lack of Greek history and culture limited my ability to comprehend it all--that is, until I read The Parthenon Enigma by Joan Breton Connelly.

Anybody that's ever seen the Parthenon should read this book.…


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The Truth about Dowsing

So I'm playing golf, when I see the superintendant and his helper using a pair of coat hangers to theoretically find a water pipe location by using the "divining method". 

Acting ignorant, I couldn't help but ask, "Watcha doin'?" Of course, they both were firm believers in the powers of those coat hangers. They seriously explained their technique. The "Supe" is even a college graduate (which really means nothing when it comes to superstitions). I held back my opinion, skepticism, and…


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"I Fired God"

I didn't sleep very well for several nights after reading Jocelyn Zichterman's book, I Fired God. As the subtitle says, "My Life Inside--and Escape from--the Secret World of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Cult". Then inside the cover; "A compelling memoir and account of the IFBC and its shocking history of religious abuse.

While somewhat familiar with the Amish (and their shunning practices), some Mormon sects, and, in general, far…


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Leo Tolstoy Exposed (to me)

While in college, I read "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina", by Leo Tolstoy. I was absorbed by the stories and writing. Of course, they are considered classics.

50 years later, I just finished "Tolstoy", a biography by Henri Troyat, written in 1965. I really knew very little about the great Russian author, but considered him a hero of mine, solely because of the two books I read.

For many chapters chronolizing his early life, I was impressed by his love of nature, thirst for… Continue

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Snowed in

No, I'm not going to write about the weather. That topic (on TV and in conversation) is way overdone. However, I am virtually "paralyzed" in my own home due to another foot of snow here in Indiana. What a miserable place to live, especially in the winter. But, I'm stuck. Gotta deal with it.

I did get a two week respite from the cold and snow down in the Florida panhandle's "forgotten coast" (as they like to say). It wasn't all that…


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Darwin's Doubt

Seeing the book title Darwin's Doubt at the library, I just had to check it out. Well, it didn't take long to become seething with fury.

The authur, Stephen C. Meyer, is a "creation scientist". Need I say anymore? He spends over 400 pages trying to disprove Darwin or expounding an alternative theory to evolution--"intelligent design".

Admittedly, I skimmed through much of his detailed analysis and conjectures, picking it apart in…


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The Crazy Ones

For the life of me, I don't understand why reasonably sane people watch football games in person. 

I've done it, with regrets. I've sat in the rain--and cold. But that was years ago, before one could watch most games on television.

I wondered what obsessed fans to sit in frigid seats to watch Green Bay play (and lose) San Francisco. After all, it was on TV. What does a playoff ticket cost, anyway?  What kind of seats do those fans have? Bet mine is better! How many layers to go…


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Going to Church, Part 2

For some reason, I was actually quite nervous--maybe anxious is the word--entering St. Mathews Methodist Church December 22, 2013. I was out of my realm of comfort. I almost (stress almost) felt hypocritical. But I soon fell into a mindset of an outsider looking in, a sort of disinvolved observer.

Memories of past church attendance flooded my mind. And while I had stored such memories in "the attic", out they came as the service…


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Returning to Church (Part 1?)

Okay, here's the background. I grew up a Methodist. My mother was choir director, and I sang. Really, that's the only reason I went, besides being forced.

Fast forward 50 years and my two (twin) sisters are involved at the same church--one plays organ and piano, the other directs the choir. Being that my parents anniversary was on Sunday, Dec. 22, I asked my father if he wanted to go to church to: a) honor mother (who died in '01), b) listen to and support his daughters doing music,…


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We've come a long way (baby)

With today (December 10) being "Nelson Mandela Day", so to speak, I am reflecting on my family progression in racial tolerance. Much has changed in past 100 years.

My grandfather Smith, while raised in Northern Indiana (b 1890), was quite the bigot. I well remember his language regarding blacks--and he didn't call them "blacks". It was all he could do to tolerate a black person playing major league baseball.

And while the apple falls not far from the tree, his son, my father (b…


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Here We Go Again

I just have to vent. Tornadoes ravaged my part of the country a few days ago. Television interviews of victims replayed all the standard cliches thanking god for being spared, etc. I want to scream. Is there some sort of separation or distinction between their god and mother nature? I mean, is it mother nature that is responsible for the tornado and its destruction, and god responsible for saving them? And who or what caused some people to die? I just don't understand the rationalization…


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