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Good Ole Pratt, KS

The City Commission on Monday rejected a bid for a new/used ladder truck for firefighters, accepted a bid for in-car video systems for police officers and mandated an invocation and Pledge of Allegiance for future meetings.

Fire Chief David Kramer who has petitioned the Commission…


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Kansans, Neighbors, and Travelers!

If any of you are close and interested, Sternberg Natural History Museum at Fort Hays State University in Hays Kansas is hosting an exhibit on Charles Darwin and his studies. The exhibit is currently running until August. I plan on taking my daughter. There is also the 40 ton crocodile, and forensics lab which is hands on science for the whole family to solve crimes using DNA and such. Just another rare, rational thing to do here in the bible belt!

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Jesus and Hockey

So I heard this today, lol.

Jesus used to play hockey, but he quit cause he kept getting nailed to the boards.

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Well today got me thinking about the patiens I've been with at the time of their deaths,and their families. We are tought to be rather blatant about our patients condition to their families. We are to tell them their loved one died, as opposed to passed away, passed on, gone to see god,and other such cliches. I, for one, try to make sure the family is prepared for the worst. I make sure to tell them the situation is dire, the patient is very critical, it doesn't sound nice but then when the… Continue

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My Child is On Her Way to Becoming a Great Little Freethinker!

So I took my 7 y/o daughter fishing and camping last night. Out of nowhere she asked me how the world was made, I inturn asked her to explain to me how she thought the world was made. She proceeded to tell me that the earth was just a bunch of rocks and stuff, and she guessed it had alway been here like the moon and stuff. NO MENTION OF GOD!!! I then explained to her about space, gasses, the Big Bang, and so on. She thought that was cool. We kept talking about evolution and where animals came… Continue

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What's a Bit of Atheism Among Friends?

As of late, I've became slightly more vocal about my atheism. This revelation apparently surprised none of my friends or coworkers. I've always been a bit critical of religions in general and, I guess it was expected of me. What surprises me, is not their reaction to my atheism, but how much we agree. Having a conversation with them you wouldn't expect alot of them of being faithful. We share many of the same views on the origins of life, evolution, and our skepticism of the Bible. They are,… Continue

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Well, I just watched Religulous and found it highly entertaining. The two interviews that I found most interesting were from the Vatican priest, who make great points. The quote here sums up pretty well why we should not be teaching creationism or relying on the Bible to explain the origins of the universe.

"The Chrisitan scriptures were written between about 2000bc to 200ad. Modern science came to be with Galileo, up through Newton, through Eienstien, and so on. What we know as… Continue

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