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Pope Francis Comments on Atheists


The new pope says we atheists can also go to heaven as long we do good works. "Do good" he says and "we all will have a meeting point". If the rest of the Catholic Church follows up on this statement with actions that demonstrate sincerity, we may be in for a new era in relations between the Church and the community of freethinkers. This statement is a major departure from traditional teaching. All previous…


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Hinduism Deserves Ridicule Too!


During the last eight years a number of best selling books ridiculing religion have come on the market. The most well known among them are The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, The End of Faith by Sam Harris, God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens and Breaking the Spell by Daniel…


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A Democratic China Would Reduce American Power

The establishment of full fledged democracy with free and fair elections and the rule of law in China is considered highly desirable by most Americans. I agree it would be. However, a democratic Chinese government would be better able to entice its neighbors in Asia as well as non-western countries generally into joining a coalition led by them to overturn the existing global order dominated by the West. If the U.S. government were to become insolvent (quite possible by 2025), China, India…


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God Must be Killed!



If god exists, he sure has a lot to answer for. The medical historians estimate that fifty billion human beings (mostly children) have perished prematurely from infectious diseases. Until the twentieth century, half of all children died in infancy. If god created the universe, he could have created us with inbuilt resistance to all infectious diseases. The fact that he didn't means he is the greatest mass murderer in history! In fact, he…


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